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  1. Oh nice new map coming! Nysa is apparently launching August 14th! Looks like I'm coming back to Wurm just in time. See you guys there.
  2. If you don't want your work criticized, don't put it in the public space.
  3. By default trees don't spread on their own and shouldn't be using any CPU. If you have changed it manually in the DB then they should use some, but I doubt it will be much. They don't do the check often afaik.
  4. So far the only command I can get the server to run is "shutdown". If you run the server in a Screen console you could use that to send a shutdown command.
  5. Any news on whether this fix works and when it's getting pushed to Steam?
  6. Yes, exactly. Run the server launcher from the directory as opposed to Steam and you will be able to play on your game machine without issue. Just remember to restart the server every 4 hours or so, the CPU usage and disk writes spike like crazy around that time. The solution is known, we're just waiting on CodeClub to push it to Steam.
  7. Forgot to post details, updated it. Also going to update when I can get some people to help me test it.
  8. Yup old WO trick: just drop dirt or sand on the clay to bring it back up.
  9. Using a $7/month VPS from OVH with 2 virtual cores and 2gb of RAM. 1 User Online 10,000 mobs Default creative map (so 2048x2048?) 5-8% CPU 25-30% RAM Not sure about IOs, never looked into how to see that on linux. I will update this once I can get some more people online to test it, but these numbers are really encouraging.
  10. Is there a way to join a server manually without using the browser? I don't care for listing my server publically if I don't have to and would rather just join directly.
  11. What host are you using and what are the stats on your VPS? Also what settings do you have for the server? (Map size, mob count, etc)
  12. Would love to see what kind of requirements we can expect for the servers before I go setup a server and tell all my friends to buy this. Affordability is a serious issue.
  13. Might have to get multiple servers onto a dedicated box and split the costs just to make this affordable. Once we know more about the requirements I'll look into how feasible this is. Would still strongly prefer being able to host on Linux though, as I imagine you could probably squeeze in a few more virtual servers without the Windows overhead. EDIT: So here is some info from an old thread about migrating the Wild server: 2 quad core Intel Xeon CPUs at 2.33 GHz (Model 23 Stepping 6) 16 GB RAM 3 15k SAS disks on a Dell PERC 6 RAID controller 64bit Debian Linux (2.6.30 kernel) Source: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/17928-wild-server-successfully-moved/#entry231143 I'm not very familiar with the performance of modern servers against this hardware so I can't give a good cost breakdown. I would have to test a fully loaded Wurm server and see what kind of requirements it has.
  14. 1. I do recall reading Warlander saying that Wurm Unlimited can be played single-player without going through any steps to set up a server. I might be remembering that wrong but I'm pretty sure that's what I saw. 2. Rolf said we definitely need Steam, but Steam does have an off-line mode. Once you install Wurm Unlimited (and run it once, just to be sure) you can switch Steam to "off-line" mode and it stays that way until you toggle it back, even if you restart it. Just make sure it's set to "Remember Password" when you log in. If you want to grab any WU updates you will have to go back into online mode though. Hope that helps Fredbel. And if anyone knows of the post I'm referencing and wants to quote it here, that would be great.