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  1. Thanks Secret Santas for sending Anestha (me) 2s for finishing my deed expansion to 20x25
  2. I'm pretty happy about the harvesting from grape trellises thing.
  3. I've been playing Wurm since 2009 on and off. Started on Golden Valley around when it launched as the free/newbie server, and spent many days dodging bears/spiders/scorps and searching for my corpse. Soon after, I spent many days searching for non hostile life, because the animal caps were shared and cows/chickens/etc basically never spawned. My second visit to Wurm (2010) was after everything harder to kill than a wolf on GV was wiped for the safety of the newbies...I found Zephyr's abandoned pet bears, the last of their species, and started raising brown bears ^_^. My third visit to Wurm (2012) I moved off of GV, dodged more scorpions, spiders, hell scorpions and hell hounds, scraped together enough selling some GV accounts to buy myself a trader, worked for enough to buy prem and a deed, and made a small little place on South Exodus :D. Also forayed into Chaos and Epic near the end of this session. This is my fourth visit back, my Exo deed decayed Q_Q so I built a rowboat and off I went exploring. Dodged more hell hounds and trolls, and I'm currently settling down on the south coast of Xanadu, selling concrete for prem Q_Q. I'm pretty happy Wurm waited for me to grow up and learn programming xD I coincidentally started learning programming around when I discovered wurm. Now I've graduated and working
  4. Thanks I got a heck of a welcome to the dev world in this thread xD
  5. So...where do I put the animals while the crops are in baby stage? Also...since when were farms the proper way to keep animals alive? As far as I've known they've been a workaround that happened to work well, and grass was intended for feeding animals. Also hence enchanted grass instead of enchanted crops.
  6. Issue with glowing is that'd you have to drop them all seperately to figure out which is which. You wouldn't be able to tell in your inv or in a pile
  7. +1 to respawning. Make them not drop loot if that's really an issue, but content shouldn't be locked to just the first couple people on a server. I also doubt that drake would drop in value that much if you can't farm them and they only spawn once a year or something like that (make it a holiday event maybe?). More people join and drop out every year than drake would be created.
  8. So...who's still playing it tells me 34 miners signed up through the link, but that's it. Is anyone on Ebeko?
  9. +1, this sounds very reasonable. And if it's too hard to figure out who did what, I don't think a blanket discount/refund for expansion would be unreasonable either. Perhaps only since the announcement, if you want to limit it.
  10. I mean more like a traditional system, like getting premium currency for others buying from the store or getting above a certain level or something. We already kind of have referrals, but since usually the new player just sells the referral instead of it going to whoever actually did the work, it's not the same. I ask cuz I unexpectedly had some referrals work in a different game, and was looking for a link for wurm that I could post around, but there doesn't seem to be any system in place for it other than just normal telling my friends (which hasn't worked)
  11. Is there any bonus for recruiting new people to wurm other than more people to play with and them possibly giving you their referral instead of selling it? edit: I haz grammar
  12. Did someone buy credits? Who was it?