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  1. I can look into that at a later time. I've got a list of things I'm wanting to get to first. It does sound like something worth adding.
  2. Well I finally got around to finishing and testing my first mod, I had imported Ago's src and used it as a basis of building my mod as another internal maven project copying his format, To generate the files in IntelliJ how I did it is by opening the maven tab and going to my mod name> Lifecycle > Package Having copied Ago's setup I get a zip file with everything ready to go for extraction and placing into the server directory. The one I just released (Forum posting ) involved bytecode manipulation as I was changing things inside methods. Essentially changing a number of BIPUSHs relative to a number in the config. I haven't really bothered with invocationHandler yet. My mod may not the cleanest thing to look at but it does work, Although it feels much more Surgical than other methods. OH one interesting thing I figured out with IntelliJ was getting a javap output in the run console tab. It involves having the targeted class not being in a jar, but easy enough to pull out and place somewhere. There may be a better way but for me it's rather quick and handy... Go to File > Settings, In the new window Tools> External Tools, click on the green "+" give it a name (i just named it javap), and in the Program field, put the full path for the javap.exe like this example D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_91\bin\javap.exe in Parameters: -c $FileNameWithoutExtension$ in Working directory: $FileDir$ Then click through all the OKs and Applys, then look at your project tree on the left and right click on a class file. You should have a Selection for "External Tools" > "The name you set". As I stated earlier it doesn't seem to work on class files inside a jar; but, outside it works just fine. I'm not sure if that'll be handy to you but whomever else reads this it might.
  3. So after many headaches I've finally built and tested my first mod. Built with Ago's modloader and Tested on a v1.1.1.1 server with a dozen mods and internal code changes. TransNumbers is a server mod that allows a configurable number for the Transmute Tile feature, allowing it to require the amount you desire . The properties file is set at the default 100 inside the server code. Not exactly code but you get essentially 1 point per 10ql on a single unit of transmutation liquid created, and used. It will do nothing if unchanged, Only when changed from 100 will it do anything. When set to anything besides 100, it will adjust the target value of 100 to your new number, and also adjusts the examine results according to your adjusted number. Ago's Server modloader required Download my mod here
  4. Okay bumping because the wiki although is a bit detailed IS not that helpful in a very key area for someone who never took any courses for java programming... Most of my real world programming has dealt with industrial automation. I have managed a number of stable direct server code changes to my server, and even made changes to jonneh's mapviewer as you can see here, I had made changes to another one that used google maps api but never published that as I like Jonneh's better as the other required a 2nd program and took forever to run generating Thousands of files. However, when it comes to modding I often hit a road block. I've tried a few avenues but i know there is just something I'm not getting/seeing.. Probably my biggest concern has been the "Proper" way to set up the Project(IntelliJ) or Workspace(Eclipse) that I wont have to spend 10-15 minutes brutally copy, pasting, and renaming things any time i think of starting on a mod. My current attempts to play with things are Barbaric to say the least. Any time I've decided to start on one I go through the barbaric steps and start working on one. I get part way done with a mod, then I get sidetracked. I decide to attempt again to find the proper way to set things up. Upon getting sidetracked with this I will spend a few hours tinkering with different methods, get frustrated, then completely give up on the project. So like I said before my biggest personal hangup is having a "Proper" project setup.
  5. Put a few changes in since last post and host a Modified version of Jonneh's Mapviewer but changed to show towers and color kingdom labels See my post Here for more info. V Added Aug, 23 2016 V Increased favor regeneration more inline with the 2.5x of the server Changed favor gain while praying from 1/2 to 2x Faster favor regen buff changed from 5% more to 2x White Light will work as an optional respawn point for JK, Freedom, Fremen Black Light will work as an optional respawn point for HotS Cross kingdom mailing no mail costs except CoD only charges receiver what you set, and if mail is returned original sender only charged 1c removed check for number of times item has been mailed. Feel free to send chain letters =p Shattering no longer occurs However extreme damage will happen which could possibly break the item . V Added Sep, 4 2016 V Decreased the amount required to transmute tiles from 100 to 40. Regular map now inputs towers as well both deeds and towers are toggleable. Both are off by Default.
  6. Online Map Viewer

    So I got to messing around with the map program. ADDED: Tower coding that marks and labels towers with kingdom (it will search databases and label them with their chat window name no need to input manually) kingdom coloring that match towers and deed name coloring (currently done with 0-9 that defaults to white after that) a little more touch friendly as the zooms, flat/3d and the New "tower and deed" toggles will respond to touch input now. Toggle buttons for Showing deeds and Towers (both off by default) Permanent deeds now also include orange border box to help prevent confusion with other markers Added double click zooming function Not all the coding is pretty but considering i'm a pretty much a novice at this, I feel I did pretty good. Feel free to improve on it any I've also included runmapviewer.bat for those with a JRE installed no need to bring up command prompt if you use that. All it includes is Known issues: The tower toggle can be slow/hard to respond with touch on some devices probably more to do with location of box. firefox seems to remember checks since it defaults to unchecked firefox users should uncheck, then recheck to view towers or deeds. Download of changed viewer : TowersAndColors For the example in action see my map here. Rivalands Map Example screenshot is below.
  7. Wider Bridges are coming Now Here *Update now live Currently works Stone, and marble. Not exactly working is wooden, and wont be pushed live until I've gotten a model set for them. Bridge planning now more inline with 2.5x timer speed Range poles and Dioptras adjusted for a longer range. (QL/2)+ Rarity level I've increased the angle in which you are allowed to be "pointed" at the range pole from 20º to 120º, as the direction you are facing when you go to PLAN BRIDGE determines bridge direction. You should be able to face the way you want the bridge to be when you are planning. Max number of tiles a bridge will be allowed to cover 114 Planning a bridge will also Report the number of tiles now when it reports Length and Width. Skill checks will check for the longer of width or length (Example: Your bridge is 8 wide & 5 long, it will use 8 for the Skill check) Wooden Arched bridges should now properly use 10 skill for calculating distance.(wiki said 10 but code "was" 20) Flat Marble 30 skill to start and used to calculate how far you can build (so when referring to the bridge wiki use Flat Stone numbers when figuring Flat Marble.) Arched stone and marble both 40 skill to start and used to calculate how far you can build (so when referring to the bridge wiki use Flat Marble numbers when figuring Arched Stone or Marble bridges.) Here are 5 wide 8 long arched stone and marble bridges Arial of the two arched 5x8 and a 4x8 flat marble
  8. Had a few hiccups with updating to the but everything is back to working with a few new additional server specific changes. Currently got a few projects in the works... did a dirty bonus update of making woad and lingonberry farmable just no graphics assigned yet.
  9. You're set for automatic updates, while the server does not. I just shut down server to update it. I have to do it manually. Unfortunately the Global Cross Kingdom chat won't be enabled just yet. but most of the other goodies and a few extras will be in play. In the next hour.
  10. EDIT: Problem appears to be gone for the moment, I deleted the server files re-downloaded both the server and server mod loader files and re-ran patcher. I'm leaving my post intact in the case someone else gets the same problem. So I decided to go ahead and check things out before the next beta update gets pushed live, I'm having trouble getting the modlauncher to work with It keeps crashing. I think it may have something to do with changes in creature.Communicator preventing the hooks from working correctly I'm not sure nor do I know how to fix it even if that was the case. This is the same error I get every time
  11. Visit our website PVE server with HOTA zone PVP 4k custom map with even distribution on trees & shrubs. Find out more on the changelist on our website Here Currently running 4 kingdoms with the chance of becoming king of one of 3 (freedom not able) Yes mycelium is fixed for HotS in a PvE environment. Update July 26:: Trade Chat is now visible by all kingdoms, with no requirements to send a message (no need to add WTB,WTC,etc.) Update Aug 9: Server up and fully functioning with the pre-update changes and more. View the server specifics for more information Update Aug 19: Wider stone and marble bridges live with some minor changes to help with planning. More info on the Announcement page or Comment in thread Update Sep 5: added a number of changes including favor regen, mail system, respawning at apropriate lights, tile transmutation requirements and more. We also now have a modified version of Jonneh's Mapviewer but changed to show towers and color kingdom labels See my post Here for more info. A bit of a cut/paste off of the changelist page:
  12. Long time no talk on the wurm forums. Anyway straight to the point. As the title suggests I'm looking for some sort of mod creation tutorial. Preferably using a free IDE like intellij which i've been using. I am not particular which one as long as it's free I've managed to make a number of server side changes myself to a server I'm running. I just wish there was a way to share some of them. I've made modifications to various things from terraforming multiplier changes to the repropsect code to include ada and glimmer when ran. However these were changes to Server.jar. I've got a few projects in the works and would like to know how to turn them into shareable mods. This is especially with one project I'm thinking of undertaking, adding herb gardens for many of the forages. I rooted well enough around in the code to determine farms can't be changed without a major overhaul. With a project that size and seemingly wanted by many I'd want to share it. If anyone knows a good tutorial available for making one that works with Ago's that would be great. If not could someone put one together. The fact There isn't one stickied anywhere probably stops a lot of would be modders.
  13. chaos lagging out everyone too
  14. Chaos needs a draw as used to be un-capped ore and champions. With the other freedom isles having no caps and champions being not worth it since the point system change years ago. Now not much beyond the pvp aspect and the tight knit communities that it creates to draw people. Animal cap would be a good start.
  15. Edit: bleah more tired than I thought evidently already another thread on this thought i looked. Can delete this or add to current thread Build option not showing in menus for both "Stone parapet" or "Stone and Iron parapet" currently on any floors of a building (suspect as 2-5th floors checked for option). Tested with a few characters on chaos server, both a player with access, and the writ holder unable to get the option in menus. Wooden parapet shows but neither of the stone options.