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  1. For those who remember me some years ago... Apparently I deleted bunch of my wurm online images and imgur removed a big chunk of them. Does anybody have pictures of my Vicus Arboria Library and Party Room by any chance? Would appreciate it. PM if needed. Thank you. This is the only images I have left of it. http://imgur.com/a/vSaUE#0 Edited: Heck, I'll take any pictures of Vicus Arboria that you guys got.
  2. RIP Mikey, has been a pleasure.
  3. Rest in peace Tich, you were one of the best person in the game I knew.
  4. All sold except money. Paypal verified preferred. Can pm samurai ingame or send forum pm 60s available for 55e Paypal strongly preferred. If buy whole thing, 60 euros. Should be getting 32s from mail so that's around 74s. 70 euros for this with seryll chain glove. Apparently I forgot I was wearing a full seryll chain set. 1 seryll chain glove = 1s Full seryll chain set = 10s or 10e 42.98s - 40 euros 15kg seryll lumps - 2s/2e per piece 3 chain pieces - 1s/1e per piece
  5. My apologies, all the stuff I have is gone. I do have some other random stuff for sale like seryll chains and seryll lumps. Will be in a different thread when I get those ready.
  6. Account sold, close please. I've still got some things left to sell for a friend but other than that, been nice knowing you all and WU.
  7. Alright last day, 500 euros with verified paypal wins the account.
  8. Welp the person buying hasn't been replying to PM yet he has been reading the last 3 PMs. Minimum offer reset back to 500 euros if he doesn't bother messaging back anytime soon.
  9. Alright 600 euros is offered, good enough for me to accept it sooner. Will finalize deal in 1-2 days if nobody offers higher. Already sent pm.
  10. 525 euros offered. I think I'll set the date to 6/17/2016 for final offers to be made. If anyone have a problem with the date just let me know.
  11. Sent. Still got good chunk of non-tool goods. Psalamon, it doesn't work like that with backpack. You'll skip out paying the mandatory 1i per piece though.
  12. Whatever I got left from reading the last few posts. Will send when I get on later tonight.
  13. Bump. Alright just sold the last of my stuff. Just need to hand deed over to new owner and I'm ready to focus on this.
  14. 2g available, send forum pm if interested.
  15. Not sure if you literally meant 1 of each item or not, but I'll send what I can do after work.
  16. Freebies that I can find. Just need to pay cod. Anything not expanded is most likely same QL and no enchants.