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  1. All votes for new deco. Love the idea of bringing glass as new material and all the possibilities it would hold! Already thinking about all the glass statuettes and other deco that could be added. Maybe even a new skill of glass blowing or glass smithing? Would give new use for forges and a totally new set of tools 😍
  2. I started playing on couple months ago and had quite clear theme in my head about the possible names for my character. I wanted something related to Irish or Scottish folklore and that's how Caoineag was selected, it is a Scottish highland banshee and translates from Gaelic to English as "weeper". My tent is named accordingly as The Banshee pavilion 😄
  3. Hug a Forest Giant !

    Can't get to Melody on time for this one because of the Cad slaying schedule changes. But have a great time all!
  4. My thoughts exactly. I was worried that I have confused times but maybe this was actually postponed.
  5. Hug a Forest Giant !

    My friday plans are settled! Happy to join! 😄