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  1. I keep asking my friends. Tapah from the server Harmony. There is also no series and adomant, he has not played for a long time, now he has come. He had part in the bsb, and part in the inventory... (A friend says: (A neighbor who hasn’t played for half a year says everything in place). So they took the resources received in April or a little earlier, apparently.) I did not ascribe to a friend, because she is not sure, she found three pieces. But she went to the past rifts, which were far away from us. Probably gone before. She doesn’t know if she had more, although she probably had, because she went with us to the first two ...
  2. Yes, I know, our village is always paid for 2-3 months in advance, the walls have never received damage yet)
  3. The other day I discovered that the oleander logs had disappeared, well, I thought, okay, maybe I accidentally mixed it up and spent it instead of the usual one (Although I never took logs from these bsb, I don’t feel sorry for them) And today, after the rift, I discovered that all adamant and seryl were also gone, maybe something else, but so far I just don’t understand what, because a lot of things are stored Apparently, it grabbed specifically the resources from the rift, although the stones and crystals from the rift remained. The game moderator looked, but could not help. It was stored in several bsb, so as not to mix the quality. I showed him the one in which the largest ones were in quality, the rest, unfortunately, I don’t remember in which ones, but all six bsb were empty. Now I asked the neighbors to look, the neighbor says that she can’t find it either, only it’s from this and the rift before last, we simply couldn’t visit the rift before last, apparently the resources had already disappeared then. Apparently, with a big update, it broke, or when that message about the ships and the server border was repaired. Character: Redflame Server: Cadence Settlement: Piter
  4. Starting bid: 7s Increment (minimum): 10c Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour