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  1. Something that could also be done to board games is the ability to cast courier on them to give the option to play against the spirits. The strength of the spell could determine the strength of the AI of the spirits.
  2. Ah too bad thank you for the heads up. I'm actually a newer player, only started playing at the start of this year. A mechanic like that won't be the factor that makes someone stay or leave, but it could be one to make people spend more in the long run, obstruction of the actual monetary cost allows for faster actions.
  3. Yes, it's actually the same issue. It could be at a waystone, a deed token,... Just anything that's easier than the current system. 😛
  4. At the settlement token you have the option to export a map of your deed. This map can be used in other tools outside of wurm to do planning. However, the heights mentioned in this plan are relative to the lowest point of the deed itself. This means that if your deed is situated on a mountain with no water in sight, the heights in this map won't be the same as the height it is actually in game. For example, your deed is on a mountain 2000 dirt above water, the height of corners shown on the map will be 0, 20, 100,... , while in game those same corners would be 2000,2020 2100,... Knowing the right height of your deed is important if you want to plan anything with water or want to plan an entrance for a cave or something like that. If this part was confusing you, that's the way I got to find out the actual height of my deed. Where there's water the altitude is 0. So if you'd like to know what the altitude of your deed is, you need to go to water (altitude 0) and then use a shovel or pickaxe to look at the slopes and use a tool like a calculator or a spreadsheet to note down every slope on your way to your deed, adding and subtracting the slopes you come across. I did that like this, keeping track of the directions the path takes to make it easier to retrace my steps. Since adding up a lot (220 in my case) of slopes of tiles like that can easily let you make a mistake :p. My suggestion on that note is basically to implement an option so people can see the altitude of their deed. Could be done by implementing it in the map that can be exported, could be done by examining the corners of tiles,... Just something easier than needing an hour of calculating. 😛
  5. A few related QOL suggestions: Add the ability to view the height of a cave Present the maximum height (256 according to forum) in some way, maybe examining a cave tile (floor or roof) with a pickaxe activated could mention how much height can still be added. Add the ability to see the slope of a ceiling in the same way as with tiles on the ground. When exporting the map of a deed it only includes relative heights regarding the deed itself but not regarding the world, so if your deed does not contain water and you want to plan anything regarding water or caves (when these eventually get added to this tool), you need to manually go to the nearest place where there is water and use a whole calculation of the slopes on your path to figure out at which height your deed resides. Thank you for your consideration :)
  6. I'd say in that case it doesn't really make a difference money wise. If you're planning ahead and you know you take longer breaks then you'll normally also buy shorter premium subscriptions. But if you know you can assign your premium time when you need it then people will just bank it. In the end people would buy the same amounts of subscriptions or longer ones even because they want to save up on marks for something. The main difference i expect is the amount of time people buy at once would be larger and the periods at before which they top up longer. You could see the discounts for longer subscriptions as a big cost for the company but in a way it actually isn't because when they get more income sooner, the cost of the discount gets mostly washed away by the interest that it would gain if it were invested over the period that someone would otherwise buy a smaller subscription and then buy a month again at some other point. There's still a benefit for them to get larger payments up front that would warrant the discounts and marks. I think you currently already can link it to one email, just the shop and balances are different per character. I thought of it more as an administrative action, the accounts in game would still be completely separate (except for the shared balances). I think it would ultimately give the same behavior where people buy some extra months to top up their marks if everything is linked to one account, since the same situation would still come up. But those marks are actually the loyalty program to reward the player for their investments in the game judging by that it makes more sense to actually award it to the player and not to a game character by the player. Helping the customer to spend more money and make the process of buying time and coins easier doesn't seem that much of a bad thing for the company, more like a win-win. Any time that's bought is just ready to spend, but the actual money is already wired to the company. Having this time banked up and locked within the system also makes it easier to spend it from a psychological standpoint. The tress hold to assign yourself more premium time is lower if you already have it saved up than when you need to get your paypal and buy it. Think about people adding an extra alt, the decision to make that alt a premium character is much easier because of the sunk cost fallacy having the time already in the bank. When everything is assigned many people will still top up the balance of the account again (would be handy to at this point also include larger times like 5 years or 10 years, less money for payment providers and more for the company)
  7. You're right, it's a chance to get the tome you want but i assumed that a trade can often be made. So in that case it doesn't really matter which one you get
  8. Hi! Currently every account is a separate account in every sense of the word. My suggestion would be to have 1 main account and allow to link alternate characters to the main account. When you buy anything from the shop, you can only do so with your main account. All the premium time you buy gets added to a pool, from the pool you can award premium time to other characters. All coins bought go to a shared bank balance, all earned marks go to a shared balance. Advantages: Pausing premium for a character by returning time to the pool (with a restriction of 15 days to avoid abuse) Increased usage of longterm premium packages Less transactions, so less payment cost for payment providers. All characters can buy things without needing to login to the main account just to access the funds. Marks currently can't be transferred so having them shared between all characters promotes better usage of them.
  9. Hey! Just an fyi, no actual interest in buying at this moment. In the mark store you can get a random tome for 54 000 Marks. If you get premium for a year (€ 67.19) you get 60 000 marks on top of premium. 50 silver corresponds to € 50, so for just €17 more than starting bid you can get a year of premium and the tome.
  10. Thank you for the direction, unfortunately i'm on the southern cluster so visiting melody isn't that practical. But you meant that this is currently already possible?
  11. Starting Price: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: None Reserve: None No Private bids Snipe Protection: 1hr
  12. Currently it's not possible to have dirt/grass tiles in a cave. It would be nice if this would be possible under certain realistic conditions. I think about having an opening in the roof to allow for light to fall into the cave and everywhere the light is able to reach you can put dirt on the ground and cultivate. This way you could have a normal cave with a pillar of light coming from the roof resting on a patch of grass in the base of the cave. I'm thinking about things like the son doong cave.
  13. Just throwing this up but does the wurm client load all the layers of the entire map or is this done on the server while the client holds information in a certain radius around the player. If the entire map only needs to be loaded in on the server that shouldn't be an argument to not increase the size for such a variable in my opinion.
  14. As far as i'm aware there's nothing in game that is able to show you the effects leveling up in various skills gave you. For example, the follower abilities or penalties you have active aren't mentioned somewhere in game. Neither is any special action you're able to do, like harvesting more from a tree at a certain level of forestry.
  15. isn't it possible to load them from bsbs? I dragged ore from a bsb to the furnace next to it multiple times already.