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  1. Redirecting anyone coming to this thread to: Extreme FPS Drops, very consistent pulses - Client Bugs - Wurm Online Forum
  2. I just tested it by cutting a bunch of grass away from my deed and yup it stutters. Drying grass causes stutters. As soon as I move away from it, stutters stop. I'm not surprised that people haven't caught this because I haven't seen a field of drying grass on anyone's deed yet.
  3. Alright so I have reason to believe that there are specific items, combinations, situations in the game that are causing these stutters. I was having stutters on my deed despite not having really anything. The culprit was the drying grass on the ground. I harvested it and the stutters are gone. This could be the drying grass by it self or a stage in which the drying process is in I'm not sure. Likely a number of items or combinations of things in the game that cause these stutters. Good luck figuring them all out and solving the reason why they cause stutters. If I run into another one of these things that cause stutters that I would like to have on my deed I'll probably quit the game. Because the stutters are beyond annoying. I'll also add that I did take a trip through "Red HQ" the other day and yup stutters a lot. My frame drop is only about 10fps but it's a stutter so really the drop doesn't matter as the game freezes all the same. I have ran through a couple of other settlements that were causing stutters as well.
  4. Hi, I started playing just yesterday so I'm super new to the game. However I'm debating on whether or not to keep playing because I have this really annoying stutter every couple of seconds. It locks the game up for like half a second. Basically it looks like this: Extreme FPS Drops, very consistent pulses - Client Bugs - Wurm Online Forum The stutters that person is having are a little bit worse than mine but basically that's what it looks like. When the stutter happens it's always about 10 fps drop for me. It's very annoying and I probably wont continue playing unless I can fix it somehow. My hardware is 6900xt + 5900x + 32 gb ram so very much overkill for a game like this.