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  1. Thanks again Stan! Thanks for making it public. Wurm need more players like you and the rest of the crew
  2. Saw iron Ql 88.73(70WoA, 71CoC) - 20c To me please
  3. Oak Ql48.49(86CoC) - 25c Cod to me please :)
  4. Send me a test pizza please
  5. Shovel c81 50c Hammer c89 60c Pickaxe w71c72 70c 50%=90c? Cod to me pls
  6. Sad to see you go Mith Thanks for all the help when i first came to deli Good luck with whatever comes next
  7. Nice pictures Grats on your new deed Cecci
  8. Rake, iron, QL 13,11, 91 Coc, 1,82s Cod to Spaeder please
  9. Come join us at Leathercity. Been living here for a few months now and love it. Nice and helpful villagers and the best mayor in wurm: Tinaskat
  10. Hola. i would like this one please: Rope Tool, Oakenwood - 80.03ql - 88 Circle of Cunning - 1.06s - Added (6/23/2015) Cod to Spaeder
  11. I highly recommend Dairuka. Prices are good and fast delivery. Some say that he lives in a tree, and that his sweat can be used to clean precious metals. All we know is he’s called Dairuka
  12. Shovel, Steel - 14.42ql - 97 Circle of Cunning - 1.50s - Added (6/1/2015) COD to Spaeder Thanks
  13. Coupon #002 Huge Axe, Steel - 4.09ql - 77 Circle of Cunning - 0.66s - Updated (6/1/2015) Butchering Knife, Iron - 70.01ql - 77 Circle of Cunning - 0.91s - Added (3/18/2015) Thanks for the coupon Cod to Spaeder
  14. Pickaxe, Steel - 4.44ql - 74 Circle of Cunning - 0.70s - Added (3/1/2015) Sale Price 0.53s Rake, Iron - 1.00ql - 71 Circle of Cunning - 0.54s - Added (3/15/2015) Sale Price 0.41s Spaeder