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  1. 5.6g Private bid Sniper protection activated
  2. Update Private bids: #1. 1xScale set or Scale for 1xset #2. 1xScale set #3. 4g
  3. Starting bid: 3g Increment (minimum): 10s Reserve: 5g Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted Buyout: Probably, if the price is right. No idea what that is yet. Don't have any gold but really want the bone? Don't worry (be happy)! Send me a private bid with items you can trade. I'm still looking for dragon scale armour, dragon hota and lots of other fancy things.
  4. Easter Dragon

    Thanks for making it public. Great event as always
  5. Thanks again Stan! Thanks for making it public. Wurm need more players like you and the rest of the crew