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  1. Saw iron Ql 88.73(70WoA, 71CoC) - 20c To me please
  2. Oak Ql48.49(86CoC) - 25c Cod to me please :)
  3. Potions received. Great service!
  4. Send me a test pizza please
  5. Shovel c81 50c Hammer c89 60c Pickaxe w71c72 70c 50%=90c? Cod to me pls
  6. Sad to see you go Mith Thanks for all the help when i first came to deli Good luck with whatever comes next
  7. Nice pictures Grats on your new deed Cecci
  8. Rake, iron, QL 13,11, 91 Coc, 1,82s Cod to Spaeder please