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  1. Heartland or Harmony Bay? Which would be a better starting area for me? Thanks!
  2. Well I guess you dont remember me lol but I joined up on Harmony. Maybe I'll see you or chat with you someday. I remember all the good weapons and armor you used to make and sell
  3. Thanks to everyone for their advice and help and explaining the differences to me. Im leaning towards Harmony/Cadence because I like occasional PVP and the fact that I can travel from island to island and trade with everyone there. Since everyone seems to be on Harmony, that will most likely be my destination. Im at the portal now and will head over in a few minutes and possibly might see some of you there. Thanks again for all your help, its appreciated
  4. Awesome, thanks @MOXIE. Looks like Im either gonna be at Cadence or Harmony. Do you play on either? Any difference between the two? Can I travel and trade between the two? Thanks again for all your help.
  5. @ Tristanc I havent joined anything yet, still waiting right at the portal. However I appreciate the advice from both you and Zerobyte. Looks like I will be joining either Harmony or Cadence, and since you have a character on Harmony, I might just join that one. Thanks for your help gentlemen, I really appreciate it. Just out of curiosity, I heard the EPIC servers were dead, but what happened to the original Southern Islands? The ones that have been around since the beginning of the game? nobody plays on those anymore? Just curious
  6. Hello, I am a new player / returning player from 3 years ago and honestly dont remember much. What server would you guys recommend me playing? Which server has the highest population that is the most active? I dont mind , either PVP or PVE, just want a server that is the most active with the most players that also might be helpful to new players as well since my old character was deleted. Thanks so much guys, I appreciate any advice. Ponzey
  7. Anyone still playing on this land? I am a new player looking for a home. thank you kindly
  8. Unfortunately I just found out that my old character was deleted due to inactivity. I haddnt played in almost 3 years so I must start a new character Was just wondering if the old town was still around and if you were accepting returning players. Thanks again bud, I hope you remember me BTW my old character name was Ponzey, does BERMZ or YARD still play by any chance?
  9. @Baeowulf... Do you rememberr me by any chance? I was a new player back in 2021 and joined your village. My name was Ponzey I believe. (or maybe Chancho) I cant figure out how to get back on my old character. You were verry helpful and we got along well. Was wondering if you still played the game or not. Chris
  10. So apparently I have to choose a southern island? Can someone explain that to me or just tell me what island / map to choose. Thank you, its a little confusing in the beginning
  11. Hello I am a brand new player and would like to join My character name is Ponzey and I will be online this evening. I will try and contact who it says on the post and hopefully someone will get back with me. Do you guys use Discord or is there an in game chat service? I have a headset and mic. I am a mature player without any drama, just want to enjoy a new game with new friends Hopefully someone will get back with me soon. Thank you