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  1. Rite of Death has been completed. 01/21/23 [16:03:44] As the Rite of Death is completed, followers of Libila may now receive a blessing!
  2. Could possibly assist you. In-game name is EddieGrey.
  3. Rite of Death is ready to cast, we need the assistance of more Libila priests.
  4. Sent my village priest to their sermon circle to grind out faith. Very good settlement.
  5. I'm sorry I never got that delivery of planks to you friend. Rest well.
  6. Sermon groups

    Their sermon group is actually quite nice.
  7. Currently doing a very large terraforming project on my deed to get the land looking as natural as I can get it (for living on a massive hill) and am looking for inspiration for stable designs as it will be my next project after.
  8. These kitchens are so nice. I stand around eating sugar beets refusing to cook for some reason.
  9. Oof, sounds like it's going to be a rough road. But I want to run a tavern/inn so I think it's going to be fun as well. Thank you all for the kind tips!
  10. I aspire to get 100 in beverages. A lofty goal, I know. But I'm looking for tips to obtain this goal. Edit: I realize now this post should have gone in Community Assistance, my bad.
  11. That system would be very nice and allow for a lot of personalization like in Archage, however a simpler system with some preset options and maybe a layering system like how Call of Duty used to do their pictures might be easier.