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  1. Wurm could be great for and with RP. But i think the emphasis lies too much on grinding than provide adventures, emergent stories and immersion. Sometimes i greet people in the local chat (if there actualy is one) asking in a somewhat in-char manner what they are on about, to get a conversation starting. Most often they tell me they're "grind up this stat" or "farming that" just rushing on, or don't respond beyond a few lines and then afk grind something without paying attention to the ..wurm. Respond times on those grinders are often anything but timely anyway. The world, where it is or was played, is often cluttered with random items left after meaningless crafting (grinding) frenzies - so that's the story a world tells me. Or if an area haven't seen a player for a while, there's a big old monster on every 2nd tile, just standing an waiting to be farmed (for grind ofc) - there's another story. With this grinding, wurm might mostly attract or rather retain certain types of people, who are willing to numbly min max grind something to see a number rise mockingly marginal. You first need the right people to RP with but then you also don't need the wrong people in your local chat. But if it's all about the people, you could stay in any textchat or forum. No, it's about an immersive world encouraging stories. I can see the possibility in wurm more as in many other games (that's why i'm still writing here), but the mentioned emphasis doesn't support that imo. I don't see RP thriving much in wurm, if there is no change in emphasis.
  2. I definitely start to turn fast and then slow down. So, not working on my end.
  3. The main goal. is. to gain skill.. So, is this the true scope of the game? Grind numbers up in a world without meaning apart from.. grinding numbers up? Yes, you can build stuff.. if you grinded hard for litteraly days and weeks of pure in-game time.. While i appreciate that things take time, grind is not the scope i like to see in WO. And, you know i'm not alone with it. I see, you have to entertain your whales, who are ok with a subscription model, in which pay-to-win microtransactions also exists. But this doesn't help new players - if they would get past the tutorial (just ~12% of steamplayers did (and just ~2% done the first basic stuff)) "Oh look a fighting tutorial! .. but nobody there.." "They're probably grinding at the goblin camps.. In several month of ingame grind, we might be able to go there ourselves.." "Oh.. You know wha.." How about making the world more interesting for all players, and not just your elite cores?! How about solving the low pop issue - holding curious new players in? How about making this goblin camps systemic and emergent? e.g. not randomly spawning and despawing, but occuring by growing goblin populations, who group up to build a constant presence in an area, roaming, scourging and pillaging the lands. Taking over abandoned houses, mines and collecting left stuff lying around, growing a hoard. And that for other mobs as well. My only hope on this is, that you might improve the AI. But overall, this goblins and probably the holy sites as well are more putting me off, instead of turning me on. Instead of random unrelated events popping in, just so high level alt can grind more, to make the world more interesting and immersive, i vote for a more meaningful, simulated, dynamic world approach. But, i like the cartography!
  4. Archery

    I highly agree with the 4 points on the UI part! Now it feels cumbersome, confusing the first time and lacking in comparison to the melee options. I think the proposed changes would make the use of a bow more intuitive and interesting. On this regard, i also agree with the screen message for the broken string (like so many other things do) and highlighting of arrows via foraging. The second part, about movement while shooting i'm unsure, because i'm not sure how it can be factored. e.g. moving while timer runs, but standing when it finishes. In either way, it would have to have a decent penalty in accuracy, just to mention the obvious. And i'm not sure if new skill would be necessary, or if it could be handle via skill requirements in respective bow-skill and additional increase of difficulty per bow-type. So firing a longbow from a mount might be near to impossible to decently execute, but a master archer and rider might be able to pull off a half decent shot. But i think being able to move while shooting, at least with the shortbow, could give archery more validity, especially in PvE, and thus improve the archery experience. I don't agree with the additional leather - it's no necessity for bows, a lot of bows don't even have it, and if, often for comfort or looks. And it would add another, quite difficult hurdle to bow crafting, especially for new players, as leather isn't so easy to come by. I also feel, an bow in the quiver seems odd, and i'm not sure what it would improve. But, on that occasion i would like to mention an overall .."equip state"(?) for weapons in general. So that one has it's sword and shield not in the hand all the time, but sheated and on the back (mby). Then you should toggle fight mode, which could lead to other mechanics. For example, the proposed increase in stealth damage is a way to factor the awareness state of an opponent. So if someone is unaware of the threat of an arrow flying to his head, he probalby will not do much to prevent the dmg. Speaking of the state, or fight mode (could be balanced with e.g. slight movement decrease), that would represent the arrow of surprise (from stealth-mode or not). So i would rather love! to see this fight mode awareness! Not much to say for the other points, but the mob behaviour, which is a general AI topic and not only related to archery. I most highly agree on the need to improve AI in general to an interesting and immersive level.
  5. Is there really a need to compute collision for mobs where no player is around? Can it be switched on if player is present? If, that probably would mostly only work for aggressive mobs, less for the cattle on the pasture, i guess. So, situational collision? Another though on the tree chase scenario. Could the trees slow mobs slightly down while they are clipping, so to circumvent the collision, but solve that particular issue? Might be just a semi collision, as it still needs to detect convergence of mob and tree, i guess..? I would like to see behaviour of mobs that makes more sense. But, as of collision, maybe the cost could be spent in other, possibly better ways. For example characteristic mob behaviour instead of simple seek&destroy.