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  1. I tried placing my Christmas stocking on a door and it is gone. here is a step by step breakdown of what happened Opened my stocking and got the cake and eggnog. Dropped it on the ground to see what it looked like. It looked like a bag with a question mark. Picked it up and tried placing it on a door. The object was invisible (not red or green). I did have a action timer for place, I have experienced this bug if the past and not being able to see where placing it doesn't effect it being placed. After clicking to place the stocking on my door randomly the stocking was no where to been seen. I asked around and other people said they seen their stocking (bag) on the wall. I searched the floors creating pile of items, noclipping through walls with a wagon, and moved all my furniture, and checked outside the cave on the same tiles on ground level. I relogged and I had a graphics update. The stockings are no longer question mark bags, but actual stockings upside down. I went and seen my friends stocking hanging on their wall. I decided to bash my walls to see if it was inside of it. It was not. Its not in my inventory and I searched my logs. I did in fact place the stocking. [08:13:43] You place an Electroprobe's stocking.
  2. Does slaying hostile creatures have a chance to drop holiday items?
  3. Maybe the people who oppose this should unite to drain the coffers of a new PMK. It sounds like a lot of PvP on the forums and not in the game. We are all just trying to enjoy our favorite video game that we share with each other.
  4. When mousing over an Acid Turret. The visual enchant is seen as null. Although when examined in the inventory or on the ground, it shows as Dark Messager.
  5. Allow to dig for treasure with a crude shovel
  6. I am probably the best PvPer, so all my options are valid. The PvP scene rocks!
  7. Formatting my computer allowed me to access the client. If you do not here from me again, then it worked!
  8. (picture for reference) My game crashed yesterday. I opened the client after the crash and I could not make it past the ingame loading screen after selecting my character. I could open my client then. I then reset my computer and tried to open the client. I choose my client type and hit OK, it doesnt even show any attept to load anything. It immediately vanishes (as it should) but without the game client launching after. I also think that the Logo on the task bar used to be Wurm Online related. That might have been caused after I uninstalled Wurm and then redownloaded it. After I reinstalled Wurm, I had to over right the folders. All the folders were left on the computer. HELP!
  9. i was playing wurm and then after sailing for a few hours i got back to my deed and my client closed. when i use the client that allows me to choose normal, experimental, low memory, test. I click the one I want to run and it just closes the program. iv tried to run every single one. it all does the same thing. Also i have 2 creature cages that are going to break inside of my boat and I am going to lose a horse. Can a GM unload my creature cages and put both animals in the nearest house(with the clay tiles). My boat is willow knarr, the deed im apart of is umbar, my username is electroprobe. This is my support ticket since i cant send one in game. I have permision on my account to all that i had said, so even if it wasnt me. Nothing bad would happen. I just bought those 2 creature cages too for 2s each and I am about to lose them because I have to leave for several hours
  10. I did not update when that item sold item sold. Sorry for the inconvenience