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  1. Well I feel like I could say some things about Mythmoor. First of all, probably best and most kind community I've ever played in my life. And I'm not talking about Wurm individually. In my almost 15 years of multiplayer gaming this is by far best community. Server is stable, reliable and functioning. To rush with help there is not only GM exclusive "function". Lot's of veterans are ready to just drop everything they do to just pull You out from sh*t You just stepped in (example: me XD). You have three awesome maps to choose from: Prime which is starter map for everyone, You may choose to stay there and enjoy Your life in peace, You may want to teleport or sail to Northalnds, newest of the maps and got kicked by life in the stomach or go to Plains as I did and enjoy the living hell everywhere You go It's actually awesome to just randomly get hugged by a vampire out of nowhere... Community is active, if You have questions You don't need to wait for a GM to enlighten You, the answer will be ready probably within a seconds or minutes >...< Maybe that post will be read by a newcomer or a veteran that just looks for peaceful relaxation but if it does, I assure You... You will HAVE FUN here Sagan out o7