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  1. I'm sorry, we have reached 100 faith and the sermon is now closed.
  2. Hi Fayee! Please contact Slipinjimmy or Princessoftrainwreck in game or if you have discord go here:
  3. Ok, I finally found it today. It was a little south from where we originally looked & NW from where Love thought. This one drove us crazy!!! We were giving up and I decided to treasure hunt for the abandoned deed. I accidentally hit "dig for treasure" and all of a sudden hidden mobs were around me. I panicked, got back on my horse, and took off. Lol Here is where it was:,2073 Thanks for your help!!!
  4. Thank you both. I will try again soon. I'll update you!
  5. ****We have now reached 100 faith and this sermon is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. 5/5/2023**** We are hosting sermons at Heisenberg Shores located in F15 on Harmony. We are now on the highway system, so route to us and join the fun. New and "old" priests grinding your skills, all are welcome! Rules: When you arrive contact Princessoftrainwreck, Slipinjimmy, or Budfo and we will provide you with the link for the spreadsheet. Respect fellow priests. Join in any open spot or at the bottom of the list. Leave your toons logged in, no "hit and runs." Keep it fair for all. Please start your sermon on time within 5 mins. If you are late, skip your turn, and go to the next open spot on the list. Spell casting and meditation are turned on for all visitors. There are 2 meditation rugs available with 100 CoC that are open for anyone to use. The rug near the tower overlooking the water is in a special place on the Path of Love. We now have a Visitors' Larder. There is food for you to eat. However, the top shelf is for personal food only. Please rename any personal food, so nobody else will eat it. The larder is located at the rear (west) center of the building. Far away? We have a couple priests who can summon you to our deed, if you like. Contact Slipinjimmy or Princessoftrainwreck in game if you have any questions.
  6. Map: Hint: Where I looked:
  7. Public Sermon Group at Heisenberg Shores - just north of Bearclaws Market on F15. Just route to Bearclaws Market on the highway system. UPDATE: We are now on the highway system, so route to Heisenberg Shores. We have 2 meditation rugs with 100 CoC. One rug is in a special place on the Path of Love. Information here:
  8. I changed mine to windowed resizable and now it's working. Thank you!!! Mine was always on fullscreen.
  9. No worries, you're always so helpful! I honestly don't remember, but I don't think so.
  10. I'm having two issues: 1) My private chats are not popping up when I message someone or when they message me. I checked and they are not hidden behind the other chat windows. 2) Every time I log into Wurm my chats are at the bottom left of the screen and I can only see the tabs. The windows where the writing is located are always off screen and only the tabs are visible. I have to move them every time, even though I lock the windows in place after I fix them. This is a brand new laptop and I have not changed the recommended resolution. I have only played Wurm on this laptop and it was fine for awhile, but these issues seem to come and go. Any suggestions? Screenshot: