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  1. A number of people have had this problem recently, myself included. All of us seem to be in the US. Yeah, some people have found that using a VPN will "solve" the issue.
  2. While I've read a lot of the discussion on priest balance before, I don't think I remember the idea of removing all the player gods completely as being one of the topics. I'm sure it has been brought up as an option but I missed the discussion about it. My apologies if its in one of the links you provided, most seemed familiar and I did not reread them in full. If player gods are to be removed, I'd hope a few new balanced ones are added by the devs. I find the original four to be unbalanced and limited.
  3. I always felt the original gods were poorly balanced and if we are returning to a system of WL vs BL either BL will have to go back to having WL priests on the side or Lib becomes an everything goddess. There is room for more than just those four. If the devs don't like the player gods, make up some new ones. Its your lore.
  4. Also, this is a good discussion that should have happened before this decision was made. Regardless of my feelings about the priest change, I do like the work done on the rewards system. It looks very promising and I always like more options being added.
  5. The priest revision fixed a lot of this, I now see priests of various gods being used. Currently they provide options, not everyone wants the same set of spells as every other player. I hate to see these options being removed because the devs find it hard to balance more gods that four. Also, most the balance complaints are on the pvp side and I once again ask why is pve losing choice for pvp balance?
  6. The problem I'm having is that the watered down feel only seems to matter to you and the developers. I don't care, and I don't think many of the players do. I still far prefer options. The other reason is a balance reason for pvp, which is not a pve problem
  7. So PVE is being forced to change for PVP reasons? This normally does not go well for your game and player base.
  8. Really? You are removing an important aspect of the game because you might feel a little silly in the future?
  9. You are not really giving reasons why it is better for Wurm in the long run. Also, it seems to be a major change with no discussion with the player base. I'm fine with the main gods being less important, there is little forced lore and roleplay in this sandbox game, why do it now?
  10. Please reconsider the priest change. It is only going to lead to angry players who no longer want to play your game.
  11. Why remove priests of player gods? Does any of your player base actually want this change? They gave choice and provided variety. If your only reason is because it is easier to balance 4 priests, then I'd rather have unbalanced options instead of fewer.
  12. Sounds like a nice place to live... I should stop by sometime. -merp