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  1. Thank you everyone who showed up and donated the prizes, food drinks. Thank you Castael for helping organizing it.
  2. Kaer Morhen,1176
  3. 4 speed horse sign up * * * * * 4s hell horse * * * * * unicorn * * * * * wagon pull * * * * * Bear * * * * *
  4. we are accepting donations for food (ccfp n filler) and all types of beverages for the derby. thanks in advance
  5. The 1st Annual Cadence Derby and Sparring Attention wurmians Castael n I are hosting a sparring and a horse race event here on Cadence,715 on 3/18-3/28. there will be markets, food/drinks, sermon groups n other fun stuff to do. We will be doing the Lib RoS aswell We are looking for 5 food/drink vendors, there will be market stalls set up please contact me (Mrwickster) ingame or Castael/Bastael ingame or Elarael on forums with questions. time 12pm CST
  6. hi have u found a deed? u can message me ingame Mrwickster
  7. tower 913,1207 mrwickster 906 (The Great Wick Enclave H11)