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  1. 70 faith Lili will be there for you~
  2. I offer to you: 100 barrels of various alcohol I dont expect this'll actually work, but hey, may as well open this with something!
  3. So statues take a LOT of fragments, and its kinda difficult for any one person to assemble some of them. So Id like to propose to anyone interested an organized trade of statue fragments. All you need to do is provide me a count of any statue frags you have, what statues youd like to make, and ill work out the logistics to trade around the fragments between any players to try to get everyone the arch statues they want! [Feel free to not include any statue fragments you dont want to trade, but dont want to hunt for through this activity.] For example, and to start, i have: Lava fiend - 3 Goblin - 4 Kyklops - 3 Rift Beast - 11 Mountain Lion - 11 Worg - 4 Eagle - 3 Tich - 3 Hell Horse - 3 Drake - 1 Statuettes: Digger - 1 Axeman - 1 Miner - 3 If there are any questions or clarifications, let me know. Im kinda winging this so far, but it seems like a good idea to me?
  4. Let me transport your things around! I will move anything from anywhere on NFI to anywhere else on NFI for reasonable rates! I have access to: A Fast Horse! [ Good for sleep powder! ] Two Entire Wagons! [ Good for ovens and other large furniture! ] One Lovely Corbita! [ Good for interisland transport! ] Give me a location you want to transport from, and a destination to transport to, and ill give you a quote for the cost of the trip! For reference, the cost for transport between Encore and Sonata is as follows: By Horse: 40c By Wagon: 1S By Ship: 80c While i dont have the capabilities to transport overland to non-cadence islands, if there is enough interest, or a strong motivation to, I can work to set that up! Also, I am capable of supplying Large crates, for a standard 15c per crate, if necessary! [May delay delivery depending on current crate supply] You can reply here, or message Liah in game for a chat Let me handle moving anything anywhere for you! - Liah Zagarl, Ceo of LZ Shipping Services Other business opportunities to come from the LZ Brand soon!
  5. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 30 s Private Bids: Accepted So who wants to be half blind today?