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  1. TAS Enterprises Smithing and Casts PM Whiteshadowtas (Crafter) or Shipwrighttas (Vyn priest) in-game Striving to meet your needs with friendly service and competent prices. Please feel free to contact me in game with whatever you need. Skills: Mining 93.27 Blacksmithing: 90.39 Chain Armor Smithing: 82.69 Channelling 86.27 (+Benediction) Prices: Materials QL 70+ 80+ 90+ 94 95+ Iron Lump 64kg * 40c 60c 80c Coming Soon N/A Logs (per 100) 30c 50c Coming Soon N/A N/A *PM for other metal prices Blacksmithing QL 50+ 70+ 80+ 90+ 95 Tools Free* 25c 50c 1s Coming Soon Large Anvil Free* 50c 1s 2s Coming Soon Set Horseshoes N/A 1s 2s 4s Coming Soon *Free starter BS tools for beginners Chain Armor Smithing QL 40+ 70+ 80+ 85+ 90 Iron Set Free* 2.5s 5s 7s Coming Soon Steel Set N/A 4.5s 8s 12s Coming Soon *Free starter iron chain set for beginners Vyn PreCasts Cast Level 70+ 80+ 90+ 100 Over 100 CoC/WoA 25c 50c 1s 2s +25c/level
  2. Not certain I can make it but I'll try. Blacksmithing 84.91 Chain Armor Smithing: 79.15 Carpentry: 73.24