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  1. Guard Tower: Q21 Taramon 82 (2994, 3146)
  2. Thank you for making this public and great fun!
  3. Fast. Great service. Fantastic contact. Highly recommend!
  4. It was an honor to help you. I hope MKJ sails on the vastness on boats that I partially built.
  5. I recommend! Great service. Nice to meet you.
  6. Wurm is one fantastic community. One of us leaving is the worst news. Regardless of whether we meet in the game or not. We share the same passion. So I offer my deepest condolences to the family. RIP friend!
  7. Welcome to "Salty Coast Stables" Location: Independence C19 - easy pick up from coast Specialization: horses - draft & speed Delivery is available for a small fee (It must be agreed in advance). Click link >>> LOOK CURRENT STOCK with actual prices. Spreadsheet updatet when we have new born or after sales. If you want any animals like bulls, bisons, dogs, cows and others just send me message in game(Gerbold) or in PM. Note: Self-service market with keys in near future.