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  1. I play Wurm with multiple chat windows open and I immediately noticed after the patch, that all my item links were appearing in one window. I am unable to get the links to work in any other open chat window.
  2. Added I don't annotate that highways go through tunnels. I think it can be assumed that there is a highway if there is a highway leading into it and out of the other side. I do annotate boat tunnels with regular tunnels separately to indicate there is a roadway as well as a waterway there. Though the highway will be offset a couple of tiles. See https://cadence.yaga.host/#711,2396 for an example of this. What you provided would just be a single tunnel... assuming it is fully reinforced since highway runs through it all. The proper way to post it would be New Tunnel - [2923,1842],[2923,1893] or if you really want to make it super easy for me New tunnel X1 Y1 X2 Y2 2923 1842 2923 1893 Though I can usually figure it out no matter what you put... Thank you and keep up the good work!
  3. Corrected Unclemustache 426 (Bastael's guard Towe) [1491,1606] added
  4. Make it where players can add a small note or nickname for friends listed in the friends tab. I have friends that I have friended for specific purposes (like imping weapons, affinity food, dyer, fo priest, mag priest, runer, etc). It would be nice if I can annotate a small note on that tab that would allow me to keep it straight who does what. I love the work you guys do! Keep it up!
  5. Still keeping an eye on it
  6. Updated! Thank you Viceren... if everyone who did arch would send a similar list, I bet we would have over 1000+ references.
  7. Posting here to bump Edlan Home - 1926,1104 Alethkar - 2237,1149 Alethkar Harbour - 2192,1197 Don't Tunnel Right of Way - 2172,1339 Glasfryn Mining Co-op report - 2095,1038
  8. Hey Feyd ( @Fade ), how much faith is that toon up to?
  9. Hello! sorry.. I was so tired and had to sleep.. I checked forum  before I went to sleep (sceduled time was 1 am for me in the morning) .. and did not see me on the list...

    I will log in now (7.36 am now for me)

    hope you somehow managed to cast HC.

    if not.. I should be on now