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  1. As the title suggest I feel that fishing rods are something that should logically be able to fit into a polearms rack. While they aren't exactly a weapon, like the other things that currently go into a polearms rack, I feel are of similar shape as a long spear, so it's not too far of a stretch to picture them going in a polearms rack. After all, they are sometimes referred to as a fishing pole. Currently fishing rods don't really have a particular container that suits them, like most other items do. Yes, you could put them in a coffin, large cart, ship / boat, or small raft, but not everyone likes these storage containers in their houses. Ideally it would be nice if the fishing rods had their own unique container, but I also realize that requires making a model and texture for that. I figured just making use of the existing polearms rack would be easier / quicker to implement.
  2. Great to see you all starting a video series! I remember how great your previous deed was, so I can't wait to see how this one progresses over time.
  3. In adventure mode there are the 3 kingdoms that are already in existence (Mol-Rehan, Jenn-Kelon and Horde of the Summoned). There is a starter town setup for each and you are able to choose to join any one of the three when you first login. Each of these kingdoms are hostile toward each other. There is a basic sort of in game adventure you can follow starting by listening to the conch that should be in your inventory upon entering the adventure server. You are also able to find various hidden items spread out across the map. With the Creative mode server, there is only one kingdom (Freedom Isles) by default. There are no pre-built buildings, or any beginning settlements. It's a much more raw world, where you the settler must build everything for the server. This stand-alone version of the game (Wurm Unlimited) was only just released October of 2015, and there are plenty of servers that have quicker skill gain, while not being too quick So, playing on public server it may not take you as long to catch up to other players as you might think. There are a few public Wurm Unlimited servers that take back-ups very seriously, and they seem like they will be around for years to come. In terms of learning new game mechanics the wurmpedia is a great resource. Although it was originally written for Wurm Online, nearly all the pages and guides within wurmpedia will still be applicable to Wurm Unlimited.
  4. This does sound interesting, and I'd be willing to contribute to this. There has been something similar that's been done already by Deppen, Moogien and Arndell: I can't see the harm in having another area that's similar or that maybe offers a bit more, or just more of a community center for the server. Finding a spot somewhere fairly close to Tap Dance would probably be ideal, so that it's as easy as possible for new comers to find and not too far of a journey. I don't believe it would be too difficult to find something relatively close by Tap Dance. At the moment any other ideas fail to come to mind at the moment. I'll give it some more thought and perhaps come up with some other creative ideas. Feel free to send a /tell Drakeling in game.
  5. Good to be made aware of this character. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. It never ceases to disgust me when I hear about people taking advantage of other's kindness like this. Thengren chose such a cowardly way out of the situation. I just hope the bad karma catches up with him soon.
  6. Ah, sorry, I thought you were just strictly just needing the pan filling done. I don't have the veggies and meat to fill your request.
  7. I'd be willing to do some pan filling for you.
  8. So, does this only apply to body strength, and not to other characteristics such as mind logic and body control? I was able to drag a catapult and bash walls with an alt that no longer has premium time and had over 21 body strength, but was unable to embark as a commander on a large cart with over 23 mind logic. Is this intentional?
  9. The following mission that's currently on Celebration: seems to be bugged in that the progress only increases if you create a Vynora puppet. The progress of the mission does not increase if you create a Libila or Fo puppet. I have not tested creating a Magranon puppet yet.
  10. I really like this suggestion. A small change that would make a big impact. +1
  11. I'm not sure when this stopped working correctly, but I just recently noticed it seems if I try and use an admin command in game, e.g. /setmoneypool 1 password , it no longer works and says it's an unknown command. Some troubleshooting I've done is: Setting the admin password from the GUI then starting the server. In which case if I relaunch the server from the GUI again I notice the admin password field is cleared. I've also started the server from the command line with the adminpwd parameter. Neither of these worked. I'm starting to suspect it was removed, disabled, or perhaps it's just bugged. I tried looking through the forums to see if anyone else has reported this yet, but I couldn't find anything. Is there anyone else that is experiencing this same issue? It would be nice to have these admin commands working again.
  12. In the wurm.ini file, in your server directory (e.g. Adventure), set the WEB_PATH value equal to the path of where you want the stat.html and stats.xml files to reside for that server. For example: WEB_PATH=C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot