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  1. So yeah I just had a question hit me in Freedom on Cadence. I know the NFI servers are old and cadence is the newest server so me might have a few Migrants that might fit this bill so this is gunna have to be on you guys to be honest about things. I am looking for the "Oldest" "Most active" player that started on Cadence. I mean Older then the highway system if possible one of the first through the newbie portal and is still playing the game. Reason i ask about it. We have alot of people that was out need to detox take a long break. WHO is the true sweat of cadence that logs in everyday still to tend his crops and groom his animals, and just sits back on deed and just looks at everything they've built and remembers what the land looked like Before trees where cut and regrew and cutt again across the countless rifts. This is what I'm looking for, and once again I'm relying on a lot of honesty for this. [14:00:43] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 2 of the Raven's starfall, 1110. That's 56 days, 15 hours and 43 minutes ago. [14:00:43] You have played 31 days, 21 hours and 45 minutes. this info can begotten by the /playtime incase anyone new doesn't know about this command
  2. Update... Due to location of the memorial, I have spoken with my 2nd in regards to the difficulty of support a 2nd deed on the opposite side of the map. We are Currently Scouting for a better location closer to deed. We'll keep you guys posted on future plans once a location is located. The Mission statement will stay the same, the location can be recreated.
  3. Adding the need For an enchanted Mailbox, nothing major not much is going to be "Going out" but this will make it easier to get supplies to Clayw During the start-up of the initial parts of the Memorial.
  4. Call out to the warriors who blew through and cleared the monsters so Clayw can move about without fear. If you're looking for a project, The highway needs a good extension of catseyes and leveling, + 1 waystone, to put the deed on the system. Contact me for permissions if you'd like to assist or any materials you might be needing to craft.
  5. Memorial to the Past: Personal project to a fallen gamer. A couple years in my own past, I met a man who really opened up the of role playing games and the fun of seat of the pants gaming during DnD Sessions. Sadly “Krevil” His fallen paladins deity name. Did not spend a Long time at the table with me and Badcartoon (Co-founder of the Memorial of the past). After a few years knowing him the many years of him giving up on his health and spending what time he had left with friends. Died from a heart attack. Memorial to the Past, started as a thought for space on Ritestone Keep, near Encore, but during one of the no healing materials hunts that we are known for. We came across the Island that is now the deeds home, The landscape and the difficulty of the island felt like another “Krevil Knows his rules” moment that he would often throw at us we he felt we where being unrulely at the table. Second we crossed the Bridge the fight started, low on cotton all we could do is push for encore and hope for survival. When we both made that last bridge and turned back to the island filled with monsters we had to fight and run and many unlooted bodies. We knew it. Krevil would have been so surprised we lived through that, like we had always seem’d to do. “After checking us for bad dice:”("Which where his") ~Badcartoon Now that the story is out of the way. The first Monument will be dedicated to the GM that made me a requested one among my friends, and really brought me out of my shell during a rough time. But theirs more. After Consulting with BadC we’re thinking of turning this into a community project where players themselves can come honor a friend who’d love this game, or who had. Leave your own mark, come visit see what’s changed make alterations to what you’ve left. Pay your respects, or offer some time with a chisel to make some bricks. I’m wanting to run if off of Just a caretaker for now. Only building for himself is a shack. And supplies are donated by the community to assist in turning this desolate island that would put any player to the test. In to a Memorial not just to my past, or BadC’s, but to the gamer who we did or didn’t know that we all wish everyone could meet. R.I.P Krevil, miss ya buddy.
  6. Thoughts of a priestly spell that might involve the sacrificing of a gem of =QL or higher to put a one time use of deathkept on an item for instances where you meet an untimely demise. Normal spell failures and such would need to imply. Some times of course would be unable to be death kept, but you'll never lose your flint and steel, nor your compass again.
  7. They call her... The cleaner
  8. Maybe take a step farther, But you could Use a similar action with the Polish, to preserve things every so often you would need to refresh the polish. Giving a loose ability to do taxidermy as long as the beeswax remains untouched it will decay slower. there for you are able to keep the body of the Champion Troll around a-lot longer then normal. +1 for the base Idea
  9. I'll keep it in mind for my future auctions.
  10. it's been 13 hours since last bid. I'm happy with current bid so I pulled it. First time running an auction, or even seeing one in process.
  11. Auction pulled with 3 hours left due to auction fatigue Final sell at 31s Congratulations Vates
  12. [06:12:09] A small purse for holding up to 100 coins, will not drop on death. Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: none 3 Day Timer
  13. Makes me want to look for other things in the game that might have so form of writing on it. Keep the hunt alive ya know
  14. Dude thank you so much. I knew they had to mean something or they would've put complete randomillity to them. Thank you so much I was can take another crack at them this morning. But congratulations on the translation.