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  1. Hello! May I have 50kg of ruddy red? Please COD to Nursebella. Thank you!
  2. I went there last night to grab a couple baby mules ❤️ This place is well organized and the animals are top quality. Best horse self serve I've ever been to. Check them out!
  3. Black bear helm - silver please to NurseBella
  4. Please help me with this one. lol Enough Ruby Red to cover 2 leather bardings for horses Enough Black heart to cover 2 saddles and 2 halters Also need 2 claymakers 1 Texaspeat 1 tarnation COD to Bella
  5. Please see private message. ty for the great animals.
  6. May I have 51kgs (to dye a knarr sail) of bright red and 3 claybusters COD to Nursebella. Thank you!!!
  7. New to SFI. This event was so helpful to me. You could tell the days and days of work put into it as well as how hard the imping crew worked. Just to help us and allow us to have a great time. The GM's were amazing and make it so much fun. Next time I'll be in the arena. Just wanted to thank you all. It was just the coolest event ever. Ty Gold and MD for the perfect set up.
  8. New deed -,6317 - Bittersweet Surrender Guard tower is Remykacoi 42 (already on your awesome map) Q-12
  9. I can finally do a corbita! I want one Please message me when you're online. wait... edited, almost to 23 and will get a knarr. LOL 1-2 days
  10. These colors are so beautiful. You are awesome! I will highly recommend you!