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  1. is that -15% damage reduction a buff or debuff
  2. Going Live @ 2pm EST at the Black Drake slaying dont forget to leave a follow Once i Get to 200 Followers ill be giving away a Black Tome Of magic to one of the followers in the Northern Freedom Isles CAn visit the stream
  3. Hi Everyone im hosting a New stream here Starting with wurm online. Maybe we can get lucky and draw in a few more fun players to our Great community. I will be talking about any and everything wurm. but first as i already promised im looking to get 200 followers. once I hit 200 followers ill be hosting a special stream Giving away A Black Tome Of magic To one of those who join the Special Livestream. Anyone who is joining the live stream Need to remember even though this is on my stream we must abide by the chat rules that are provided by wurmonline you can find my livestream @ Stay SAfe and Happy wurming
  4. ill bring my shiny pointy stick and make it bleed
  5. they actualy can be used to cook or heat up items like a forge they just cause the lump to be less quality
  6. Also another cool addititon might be pyres
  7. A feature that would seem cool to have to bring people together also for big events like rift and slaying bon-fires and the more you add to them the bigger they get camp fires are ok but they are kind of small dont seem like it would be a difficult addition seeing you already have a base model the camp fire making the image larger as more material is added to it.
  8. 6 Jan, 21:12 - 10 people on Harmony Venerable red dragon Alakazam, Dalnacriech, Jomog, Lyarza, Rayen, Sheffy, Sinnjinn, Talios, Trippenangel and Yaros. 23 Dec 2022, 20:11 - 13 people on Harmony Venerable fat green dragon Bliest, Dalnacriech, Gingeko, Jomog, Lyarza, Minikilljoy, Pythius, Shanx, Sinnjinn, Talios, Trippenangel, Urquhart and Yaros.
  9. uniques can use mine doors to get out
  10. Thundergod 47 channeling 97 favor depending on when your ready to do it will need summon and possibly a ride back