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  1. Why not start industrialization? A master shipbuilder shouldn't be required to cut each and every peg. I'm not talking steam engines here, though that would solve the wood scrap surplus.🧐 But why not have windmills or horse mills? Horse mills could be driven by one or more donkeys, making the donkeys more popular, especially those with draft traits. The more donkeys and draft traits the faster the mill works. And of course a windmill would go faster when the wind is blowing harder. Mills turn felled trees into logs, logs into beams, planks or shafts, shafts into pegs, cereal into flower, milk into cheese and so forth. Perhaps they can be used to pump the water out of a mine. A millers wages would add 1s to the upkeep of a deed. We can make the windmill so slow that it wouldn't break the game. If it takes the average players x amount of time to make, it could take the mill perhaps four times longer, but the player could be doing something less boring than grinding 900 pegs. Or, we could make the windmill a joint project for several adjacent deeds where they each get equal acces using the mill. Surely I'm not the first to suggest mills, but I'm convinced they would make the game more fun. What do you think?
  2. I'm in. Well, I'm in the water.
  3. Welon Wusk bought the company and fired 15% of the hamsters, so it seems.
  4. Do you undress before going to sleep? Or do you sleep in full armour with your weapon equiped?
  5. And now they can be useful. I suggest adding this especially for the bigger ships. There's no conflict with the wood mechanic as it is now.
  6. How about giving bigger ships with all keels and masts out of oak and hull and deck planks made entirely out of cedar having a higher chance of being rare upon completion or when improving? It would encourage players to plant more oak and cedar. And historically we have the royal woods where the oaks for the future navy were planted.
  7. How about hiring a hand to milk the cows, harvest the crops. Of course they should be paid and fed, have a bed to sleep in. Hire one after you reach a certain lvl, more as your raise in rank.
  8. I was thinking more about historical farmhouses like these: for size comparison: the inner square should be 3x3, and this is where production would be. So it would contain a forge and oven at least. I'd start out by building a small 2x1 shack and extend from there, building the extra wings. The center wing would be the living and production area, eventually at 2 levels, with animals to one wing, crops to the other.
  9. Does anybody have any plans for authentic medieval farms? Or know where I could find any?