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  1. For the archivists 5 years from now.
  2. It's amazing what you can create by removing all forms of context, and cherry picking only what you want.
  3. You aren't a victim if someone loots your defunct deed. They are performing an action that is allowed, and even previously encouraged by the game's original creator and designer. It's mindset of play falls under the realm of exploration and it serves as one of the only two methods for exploration to be profitable in Wurm. Unique locating/trapping being the other, equally contentious method. Taking care of my account, and deed is no different than me making certain that I have a bare minimum of one year's mortgage covered, health insurance and personal injury insurance - that way on the rare chance that I end up in a coma for a year, when I wake up I still have a home to go back to with a family that's been taken care of. Nobody else is going to do it for me. There is no hand-holding in life. Personal responsibility goes a long way. I advocate you take measures to protect yourself in the event of accident or tragedy.
  4. Harsh truths learned from cruel lessons in the past: The game is designed for deeds to be looted. If someone doesn't loot your deed out of guilt. Someone else will out of greed. If you lost your deed's stuff to a looter. It is no longer yours unless a GM intervenes. Mr. Rogers isn't your neighbor. Expect your ruins to be walled up if you have a fantastic forge waiting. My suggestions to avoid this unfortunate outcome: Enlist friends in game to maintain upkeep during unplanned absences. Enlist friends IRL to contact friends in game, to maintain upkeep during emergencies. One year upkeep minimum. Sometimes not even that is enough, double up if you have a history of health problems. Smaller deed sizes last longer. If you only have an oversized deed for the aesthetics, maybe consider downsizing for longevity and cost-effectiveness sake. Mentally prepare yourself with a "Deed it or lose it" mentality. Expect to start over if you break this mantra in any way, shape or form. That's just how the game was designed.
  5. Highways - Line 348 - Correction: K21 eastbound [[2733,1818],[2809,1818],[2809,1833]] My mistake forgetting the connection. Sorry.
  6. Tunnel - Line 86 - Correction 2923 1853 2923 1893 TRUE K21 New Tunnel Addition: 2812 1823 2812 1830 TRUE K21 PolyClim New Highway Additions: K21 eastbound [[2733,1818],[2809,1818]] K21 East Tunnel Connection [[2809,1833],[2850,1833],[2860,1843],[2868,1843],[2871,1846],[2923,1846]] K21 Tunnel Connection North [[2923,1851],[2923,1833],[2962,1833]] K21 Tunnel Connection South [[2923,1895],[2923,1903]]
  7. "Brick Joke" "Chiseled Abs" "Rock Solid" "He Who Cast The First Stone"
  8. This happened before. For a while it was called Rolf's Lunch or Wurmpocalypse. (Not to be confused with the server wipe called Wurmageddon.) It was such a disaster that it became the spark that created Freedom. People play on Freedom, precisely because they don't want this. You have your PvP servers. Stop trying to force it on non PvP'ers. -1
  9. Closed topic

    What was the topic about? ;D
  10. This is so sudden, I'm shocked. I'm gonna miss you man. =(
  11. WurmNode

  12. Avoiding Global is a great way to stymie the drama. Not only do I feel a stronger community bond with my fellow Cadence dwellers, but I haven't been warned or muted once since making the switch. Less people to instigate drama. More humor. You can even make the occasional risque joke without green text in your event window. Freedom chat is amazing and I'll never go back to Global.