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  1. this is assuming that the first rite is whatever the person affected is already worshipping. If the person is not in the religion for the first rite, they would have to immediately swap to receive the SB gain. they could still get the SB from the second rite within the seven day period but they will not receive the third if it is cast within the first week.
  2. Does not solve the problem for if there is 3 rites available at a time.
  3. It's not just being banned from public slays, that's but one of the few things. It's just being caught as the perpetrator of a controversy where you are unsure who are going to be offended in your friendlist since nobody actively goes around to check who is a switcher and who isn't, and then the further bullying from trade markets and whatnot. I am, after all, just a spectator that saw the fiasco during the impalong, and decided that this mechanic should not stay because of such conflicts. I created a new account just specifically to make this topic/post because I saw the problem. I wish to withhold my identity so that nobody can direct the offense from my disagreement with their aggressively strong opinions regarding the switching (as observed through the thread) back to me. Edit: rephrased statement to clarify weightage of "bullying"
  4. While theoretically correct, it is in practice wrong that the only group that is negatively affected are the priests as there are others who do not wish to play around a min-max mechanic of having to switch religions, which in itself is a mechanic that is likely unintended to be in the game, but devs probably tried to allow for such a mechanic to remain through a light penalty of 7 days cooldown for switching. However, given how the cooldown becomes the dictator as to when rites are "allowed" to be cast and has caused dissension within the community, I am suggesting that it would be better off just heavily penalising the exploit altogether (3-6 months cooldown) so that while people are still allowed to switch faiths should they decide down the road that it is needed, the benefits of religion swapping is limited further such that remaining in a said religion and the benefits that come along with that (e.g., vyn's skill bonus) makes any sense whatsoever. To be fair to those few that might be using their varying number of alts to charge rites of the different religion (benefit of doubt) where they have alts of each religion charging copious amounts that they deserve a say (I actually don't believe that there are such people, but wurm is filled with all sorts), it might be the case where they legitimately have "rights" to demand for when rites are casted... But let's be real, it's a group effort kind of thing, there are also people who are saccing their own stuffs from time to time having contributed and nobody knows who's contributed how much. Nobody can effectively say that they contributed more than another and to go to those levels would just be another mess that is unnecessary. Thus I feel that to settle it once and for all, just removing benefits from switching would simply end any switcher's say in the matter of rites, leaving it down to the priests who are the only ones that 1) truly have a say in the matter; and 2) benefit people of said religions directly. Nobody will be gaining more advantage from the mechanic of switching, which was intended only for erroneous decisions or a change of heart in the first place. Thus my suggestion involves a switch cooldown of 3-6 months, where it is so long that there is nothing they can do to optimise their SB gain other than to consider switching once every few months to obtain that little bonus, which if they were to change out of vyn's skill bonus might hurt them in the long run compared to gaining 5 hours of sleep bonus. There will be no more need to optimise the timings of rite casts, rites can be cast whenever as long as sufficient people are available (maybe a short cooldown from when it reaches 100% to allow for others to join in the rite cast, say 2 hours) and and possibly a gauge notification when the favour has been raised to 90/95% globally for people to be aware that a rite may be cast soon so that they can finish their sleep bonuses. Essentially the goal is to completely remove whatever bonus that can be exploited from switching where it returns back to being a mechanic that it was intended for - people making mistakes choosing their religions and people deciding that they want to change to another religion after much consideration.
  5. I don't think it is a viable situation seeing as it was just a matter of religion switchers missing out 5 hours of sleep bonus for the benefit of those who are participating at the event to have that bonus during the event. If they were willing to compromise on that to begin with, this wouldn't have been an issue. Seeing as they are unwilling to compromise and raise a ruckus, then something needs to be done to the mechanic to prevent it from happening instead. You are still only suggesting a temporary solution, where it is still somewhat trying to time rites for the benefit of religion switchers while making sure that those that play the game without leveraging on this mechanic do not have anything to complain. Eventually, there will come another time of this happening, and there will be another ruckus happening between switchers and non-switchers. While I understand that my suggestion causes those who are leveraging on this mechanic to no longer get more sleep powder than the game already gives, and the game is particularly stingy with how it is obtained, it removes a benefit that was provided to people who wanted to leverage off a unfair mechanic that could not part with one instance of that benefit for the sake of others who could. It was one instance of 5-hour sleep bonus compared to the many that you are already getting by switching. If anything, this suggestion serves to fix a mechanic to operate properly so that nobody can benefit from it anymore, so all are placed on an equal playing ground. Essentially the short story is this, you weren't happy with the amount of candy you were getting from daddy game mechanic and refused to let your siblings get any if you didn't get it once, even though you already have been given much more than all your other siblings. As punishment, you shall only get the candy when everyone else gets it. Seems to you like a punishment, but in actual fact is just what it was supposed to be. Edit: Clarification, and suggestion scenario illustration I did not mean for the last paragraph to sound condescending, although no matter how I read it it the "daddy" part of it sounds like a mockery, but I wanted to paint a picture where the person who was getting an unfair advantage is being forced to be on the same playing field as the rest. Let me illustrate what could happen from say a 3 month cooldown from religion change - People would mostly be worshipping vyn for the skill bonus, and would eventually change to another religion should they feel that their bonuses are better, or stick with vyn given her rate of rites. When rites are available, there wouldn't be much need of consideration, just a heads up 48 hours before and collating of casters prior to the cast. Rites can overlap without fear that there is a group of people that need to be considered with precise allocation and there wouldn't be detriments from overlapping rites as followers/priests from those groups can claim their own rite's SB within 24 hours. When an event such as impalong comes by, say Mag has just performed a rite 2 days before, when Vyn's rite is available, there are priests available to perform it and cast it for the are already onsite, and it would just be a celebration for the rite being available rather than a conflict that ensues where the two groups of switchers and non-switchers clash to debate on when the rite should be held. Say Fo's rites are ready shortly after, no hesitation, rush to cast, so that everyone at the impalong gets the benefit. You may argue about those that are offline or may not be participating in the impalong not being aware of the likelihood of a rite happening - organisers can give a heads up that based on the saccs and actions done during the impalong, there could be rites that might ensue from the impalong, and for people to keep that in mind so that they can be ready to burn their sleep bonuses and claim or have to miss out on their 5 hour sleep bonus this one time that the event is going on (impalongs aren't common after all). There is no need for too much planning how the timings and spacings between rites need to be calculated, rather just planning for the group of casters to be available and present and met up at a location for the cast to happen. It simplifies the problem and mitigates the argument by just simply making the game the way it was supposed to be played.
  6. alright, apology accepted. It was but a misunderstanding.
  7. This is just adding an additional step to the penalties of when you switch religions, aka increasing the time penalty. There is almost no difference between increasing swap cooldowns from 7 days to 14 days VS keeping cooldowns at 7 days and implementing a 7 day requirement before receiving bonus from rite (I assume you are considering the rite).
  8. Please enlighten me on what I did to smear baeowuf? All I did was to put in the chat logs of the the event that happened where a commotion arose regarding the rite issue. I did nothing more than that. I have nothing against baeowuf nor did I state my opinions on what he said.
  9. Let me rephrase. Her stating her preference would essentially be the call for others to honor, as she is the host of the impalong. With respect to her, the people present would honor her wishes to not cast the rite. If she had requested for the rite to be cast, it would lead to a different outcome. While she did try to make it as "selfish" of a request, it inevitably became the call regardless.
  10. Also, for the freedom chat that happened as well. Posted this after my previous post as it took a while to dig up the content amidst my IRL things.
  11. I'm just going to do everyone a favour to post the chat log that went down on local chat that day when the announcement came through regarding the RoS being available. Subsequently the later mention of casting the rite of spring and Annuile's (the event organiser) response. I am suggesting this as it is clear that this is still an abuse of a system. If changing of religions is something that was intended to be done in a manner where the exploit of being able to gain sleep bonus from any religion when the rite is casted is allowed, there shouldn't be a cooldown. Since there is a cooldown, it is there as a deterrence that changing of religions is a mechanic that was intended for those who have chosen erroneously or have a change of heart to have access to, and not for people to flippantly change for the benefit of gaining more sleep bonus. Moreover, sleep bonus is available in the two forms - bed sleeping, or sleeping powder, which the latter is accessed through a premium function where it involves purchase of premium time in either the form of silver, or microtransactions. It would not make sense for any game developer to allow for an exploit that allows unfair gain of premium products, which results in loss of revenue. Thus this game mechanic of abusing the low cooldown of 7 days to change religions and managing global rite casts to fit that cooldown is, as aforementioned, an abuse. I do not believe that any event organiser, especially a player based one (not even a GM, it is a major community event) has to bear the responsibility to decide a global affect event (rites), and the consequence of displeasure from either groups that benefit from either decision they did not make. Annuile has done massive amounts of work to make this event happen, and having to face such a decision is not something that should be added onto her plate, accident or otherwise. This abuse of game mechanic can be either mitigated through increases in penalties, or removal of penalties as someone suggested. However, with the removal of penalties could result in another argument of whether back to back rites should be casted within a certain period of each other, otherwise those who do religion switching will not gain the maximum benefit from all the rites available at one time (this scenario, while a very unlikely one, is still one that may happen down the line. If the stars align and an impalong causes this to happen, who wishes to bear the responsibility to deal with the masses?). If we truly want to have everyone win from rites being casted, why not just have sleep powders sent to all players available on the server whenever any rite is cast? Since this whole mechanic is a sham and this removes the need for people to change religions just to min max their lives just to get that sweet 5 hour sleep bonus after all. Why not just narrow it down to one bar that is shared among all the religions that affects when rites can be casted so that there is one shared goal with one shared benefit? Then there will be purpose for being part of any religion for an extended period of time while also allowing everyone to benefit from when rites are casted, in exchange that the frequency of rites being casted gets reduced from 5 to just 1. I created this post to see what the response is from the general public and to see people from both groups come together to discuss the problem as seen during the impalong. The results did not disappoint. We had no idea which group of people (switchers vs non-switchers) were the majority, and could not come to a proper conclusion that benefitted the majority because switchers were very vocal about refusal of conduct for the rite. The decision was handed over to annuile who had to make the call, which I felt was unfair for her since she already had many other things weighing her mind and she has already done so much to make the event happen. Has any of the switchers thought for the event organiser having to make such a decision, and the resulting consequences that is unfairly placed on them? I highly doubt it. edit: restructured a sentence that had confunding elements.
  12. So a game mechanic that is being abused for more sleep bonus from rites/rituals is to change religions prior to a rite to obtain sleep bonuses from said religion. This has recently caused an issue during an impalong held at Cadence where due to the amount of favor that has been gained from the priests doing their work allowing for a the rite of spring to be conducted, but because of a loud minority of "religion-switchers", the rite was requested to be held off by the organiser so that this minority could gain from their abuse of a game mechanic. This causes other people who are non-switchers, and are part of the worship of vynoria, not to receive that much needed 5 hour sleep bonus during their time at the impalong, and the organiser being caught in the middle having to make a decision between two groups to appease. I am suggesting that this game mechanic should have heavier penalities, maybe not being allowed to change religions for the next 6 months to a year, or something similar to discourage the abuse of such a mechanic, so that this sort of behaviour can cease to exist, and disrupt others from enjoying the game as it should.