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  1. Srry, got confused between official altars (black light and altar of three) and the other kind
  2. ...there are altar wars? I thought all altars are on Chaos??
  3. How’s things going these days? If I ever go to chaos I’ll keep this place in mind
  4. Having been invited in a nice little village, I settled down to have a nice boring life becoming a bartender, when The Itch came upon me. The Itch causes even ordinary Hobbits to go on a adventure. I didn’t stand a chance against it. So I’ll go to a abandoned deed far away from town and see if I can find anything. To be continued.
  5. I hope fire arrows have been implemented
  6. That would be brilliant! And you’ve inspired me to jot down my own chronicles
  7. Except, y’know, that’s not possible. Else I’d probably do that, but it’d still be unbalanced and deceptively advertised, and that’d still be a problem even if I wasn’t personally affected by it.