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  1. As someone who intends to do a whole lot of Terraforming this is the major concern for me also especially as a new player you cannot always tell how far off in terms of slope something is, I'm baffled as to why they would remove this info.
  2. I have to say my favoruites from that list are Crusaders and Ebonaura
  3. Sorry didn't realise there was aspecific section for it as I just started a post while looking at another post, Is there a specific way for moving this or does it require a Mod to move it?
  4. Welcome to FRS Forge Home to the forge's of UltraFRS Just wanted to reserve a spot for for my Shop Page, This will be updated from time to time detailing what I currently have in stock for sale. I am a relatively new Blacksmith so please bare with me while I get fully situated Simple layout below detail the Item, Quantity and Price laid out like (Item | Amount | Price per X). If something seem's expensive I am open to offer's on most things but I would like to see supporting evidence of prices being lower/higher as I do not know all of the market prices yet. Shop Inventory: Small Nails | 1000 | 1.2s (per 1000) Supreme Lump, Iron | 1kg | 1s (per kg)
  5. Can you please add Deed: New Edenia Co-Ords: 640, 7287 Many Thanks
  6. Hello Wurmians, I have decided to come back to WURM after a 6 month Hiatus, I started last year but only played for a couple of weeks as the grind was a lot higher than I expected it to be but with a newfound resolve I intend to come back in a Blaze of Glory, Back to Xana and back to the forge. No doubt there are a lot better or even maxed out blacksmith's/miner's out there in the ether but I really really want to sink my teeth into an In-Depth MMO and this seem's like the best I'm gonna get for sheer raw involvedness :) Anyway it's a pleasure to be here and if anyone fancies hitting me up on here feel free or add me on discord UltraFRS#0666