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  1. Just started mining again and starting on skilling up on masonry to build those homes for the village. Keep running into scorpions and spiders. While mining seen first champion spider and he ate my cow! Cow is gone and should get a goat.

  2. hi me only and looking for a better way to make more coin. Working on masonry. Need to get skill up first.
  3. The game has mad me more calm and ability to concentrate has improved through my mental health struggles. I slept alot better than before feeling satisfied of that hard days work. Fun game. There is no problem with traveling long distances for me. Take in the scenery and run all over to stir up the place.
  4. Hi and if you're new and looking for a living area then wait no more and join my settlement.
  5. New and would like a invite. Crishna

  6. Just doing a little fishing, looking for tar and just finished riding my first cow. Can't wait for a little more.

  7. New and world like to join. Starting on first boat to sail away. Crishna. on Discord