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  1. wurm unlimited is 40% off now at the price of 17.99 for 15 more hours.. enjoy people who buy =) on steam...........edited at 9pm eastern usa time
  2. can anyone in WU make a auction house <like in ever quest or wow> ? so maybe it can be transferred to WO ? anything to help people sell items ?
  3. who is Paying Slickshot .. to always post.. when players speak their mind ?
  4. Everything in Wurm is Extremely Over Priced, that's whats wrong with the economy...just my 2cents
  5. Lock

    so we get new dragons and new loot rules ...then some of staff ? <if correct> make a private kill of it .. and try to keep things hush hush ? ... please correct me if i am wrong.. just trying to figure out whats happening...and if this is true.. is this good for the game ?
  6. i think the rare system is fine now ...could it be improved , yes sure . as with most things wurm.
  7. this is just horrible ... we need a Pure PVE server ..
  8. they want to much info for me , i won't do business there , but i will with you rolf
  9. anything for the PVE side of wurm, besides a new chair ?
  10. Rolf has reacted, but the nerf was welcome. .........................................................................what nerf did rolf do ? and when ?.....thanks .
  11. thanks for all the updates , fun watching/keeping up with it all ...
  12. just so you know ...i dropped 2 alts because of the price increase awhile back..... and i just dropped my priest alt also recently....prices just add up to much ... so down to 1 character.. i still love wurm but ..............
  13. so if spyglass is the 11 month reward for having premium for 11 consecutive months , anyone know of any other rewards that we get ? besides the yellow potion ...
  14. yes to connect the servers to each other .... all of them ...
  15. i would love for dragon's and drake <the loot> to become more common .... i have never seen a dragon or owned a piece of dragon armor <loot> because the few ..nameless.. have always controlled them both... let them be common and let all who pay to play this game share in the wealth of them ... for we are all equals are we not ?.......i will still wear my plate helm and still wear my studded/chain , i'd just have the option to wear drake once inawhile ...
  16. i think trader's are fine they way they are now , let's hope they stay that way.
  17. i have lived on pristine/release since it launched. i at first was wanting the servers connected to indy/rest of freedom but now i am not sure. i sorta like knowing that we have our own sever and space. humm what to do , what to do...
  18. i enjoy reading your post , come back to visit again =)
  19. Dream_Master The reality is that no one needs to go there, Unfortuantley I do nto expect Rolf to be here for 5+ hours ... crys...
  20. they charge 60% more now for prem, what percentage of that go's toward making the servers better ? just a curious question is all...
  21. -1 to flying and -1 to jumping also , keep things simple and fun