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  1. Hey Batta, yeah I checked this mod out when I was forum diving. This is more of an alarm to go off when work is done. What I'm having issue with is for certain sounds like doing any kind of blacksmithing or building houses, they only play once every 5 seconds depending on the action timer, so if it takes 10 seconds to put a wall up, you'll hear the sound of hammering on wood twice. But if your action timer in your server settings is set to a very high level like 10x for example, it only takes 3 seconds for the action to complete, and the sound of hammering doesn't play at all. It's not for all sounds, just certain sounds. I'm just looking to be pointed in the right direction or which .jar file I should be looking at, I've already checked the client.jar and sound.jar but I'm not sure i'm looking at the right thing. I would imagine somewhere in the engine files (excuse the pseudo code) Player.useaction(continue.building); when ActionTimer == 5 (seconds) play sound (.oggfile) or something like that, but I just need to know where that could be sitting in the engine code, or even if it's in the engine or client code
  2. Hi guys, I've been trying to google as many ways as possible to find where the tick timer is to play sounds for crafting and building. I love wurm but I just don't have the time to play any private server on the vanilla action timer settings. This causes a lot of sounds to not be played, and I love the sound of work being done, even if it's quick. I know the engine has a limit put on it to stop spamming, but the private server I run I only play with a very small group of close friends and they feel the same way and don't mind the sound spam. Does anyone know what I need to edit to change the sound timer to trigger? I read someone say that the engine is locked to 5 seconds, if I could change it to 3 or even 2 seconds I'm sure that'll be enough. Cheers in advance for any help!
  3. Hi mate, made an account just to answer your issue. Looks like the person who made fishytweaks needs to update their code to not throw out the error code. Until the developer of that mod updates the code you will need to delete fishytweaks folder, config and properties files as to not confuse the modlauncher.bat