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  1. I've got it working. The problem is that there are some dependencies that it misses and doesn't install so you need to look at the errors using ./wurmserver debug command AND you need to copy your folder whether it's Creative or Adventure over to your server files directory from the dist folder. There is also WU issue where need to rebuild the dbs files and Sqlite (I found a forum post with the helpfull links here on this forum) because they did not make it linux friendly. You then need to run modloader.sh THEN run patcher.sh, afterward I deleted the vanilla WumerServerLauncher.exe file and renamed WurmServerLauncher-patched removed the "-patched" part so that LinuxGSM runs the patched and modded WU. Hope this helps someone else, It took me a few weeks to get this all figured out.
  2. Anyone else see an issue with Sharks? I set them to max 70 but my server insists that there must have 470. I've deleted the sharks from the database twice now. All other settings seem to be working or are in a more reasonable range it.