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  1. Honestly would rather lose and rebuild a tower then let JK cap it. But that's just me
  2. Tower capping sounds like a great idea, gonna love losing all our towers. rip
  3. You guys are on a roll! Thanks for making it public!
  4. Please mail to Anglomango 😘
  5. I mean this would be enough incentive for me to not live on starter islands anyway
  6. Nice video! hope to see more in the future!
  7. If your goal is to incentivize people to leave starter a good suggestion would be to give everyone the Intellect of the Enlightened perk (25% extra skill gain) while off of starter and don't allow it to work on starter islands. This would provide huge incentives to leave starter by providing the incentive of more skill gain without alienating players who are unable to leave starter.
  8. Sounds like a perfect story for the Capybara News Network
  9. Tin to 30 soul strength, copper/slate/lead to 45, Silver to 60 or switch to gold at 55? then marble to 65 and Sandstone to 70? is that right? lead the way fellow dwarf! ⛏️ ⛏️ ⛏️
  10. [00:33:53] You start to mine. See you guys in 2 years off to freedumb to get unlimited sleep powder for the grind Almost forgot to post this classic again
  11. I've never played challenge but it always seemed like the best format for wurm pvp
  12. +1 I would not recommend anyone join pvp when your only experience will be the strongest group continuing to try force you off the server and derailing every thread with suggestions that only make their group stronger.
  13. When dying on starter gear gets deleted like upkeep for starter deeds when drained