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  1. As someone who mains a priest this sounds like a good change, hopefully we no longer have to wait as long for some rites to be cast once they are ready
  2. +1 would love to see a way to get old monthly skins and this seems like a great way!
  3. Hello KageTenshi sorry I have already sold everything. Will update the post now
  4. This is a clearer picture. What we want to know is why Libila has not won the scenario even though Libila is on the home tile with enough collectibles?
  5. Ay Whaddya Doin Im Deedin Ova Here 678 , 2124 Thanks in advance!
  6. WTA 10k Corn 86ql & 10k Garlic 87ql Starting bid 10s Buyout 20s Sniper Protection 1hr I can deliver to any coastal deed for free : )