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  1. welcome to the game. Usually, newer players will earn silver by making bulk items such as bricks or mortar or planks and things like that. You'll probably want to join a village as well.
  2. There are plenty of ways to make silver in game. F2P should be advertised as it is: free to play until a certain level. Otherwise, a subscription fee is perfectly reasonable.
  3. Late, not but unoticed. Thank you.
  4. How many are with you already? are you going to found a new kingdom?
  5. Thank you for the honest answers. I appreciate it.
  6. It definitely was not mean to be a hand grenade question. Besides the market are people friendly? is player turnover higher? is there more free and untouched land? is there an advantage to using steam? do sfi players just make new toons on nfi for the fun of it or are there actually new faces and names? That's what I'm asking about.
  7. I’m thinking of starting on NFI. Anyone have any good words to say about NFI vs SFI? Thx.
  8. To enjoy the game and have fun with other players.
  9. I like most of this. It would be so great to have more activity on chaos.