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  1. Sunrise Hills is in the process of Disbanding, but Sunrise Bay has taken over what was Weemans Land. And yes Sunrise Bay mayor is one of my alts.
  2. Same day, I went to get something out of my magic chest - where I have pigs currently, and my wolf in the attached pen attacked me. Backed out to not fight it, cleared target and checked my fight mode. All okay, wolf is now half in the fence between both pens. I go back in pen with the pigs, wolf gets through the fence to attack me. Grabbed some meat and tamed it to put it back where it should be. Apparently on the first attack though we hit each other even though the fence was supposed to be in the way! Thankfully it was nothing. Later on went with family to save a friend player from a hell hound on their deed, fam successful charm it and was leading it to one of my pens when noticed the stopped leading message, it was stuck inside my Marble Wall. Never went in the house with it, I managed to help it get unstuck once it was hostile again for it attacked me, left my house but didn't clear target right away. Hound got free into the house from that! Other than this, we have had our horses and hell horses escaping secured pens too - of which for the latter the baby once spawned outside the secured pen! These are all surface structures or pens - Marble, Stone, Shaft, Rope.
  3. A little more north on the map; to fix it. About where the little pixel isle itself directly west of Oakville is.
  4. Deed on Island just west of Oakville, Sunlit Isle. 2152, 3538 Deed of Bountiful Woods about at 2314, 3568 Sunrise Hills west of Kaykumu but may go later, or switch ownership. At about 2135, 3619 Fate of deed uncertain at this time but upkeep being paid for currently
  5. when mounted on something - a mount, cart, or wagon; doesn't matter. You have to disembark to get the correct directions.
  6. randomly disappear and/or escape the pen they were in. Even if it is reinforced cave wall!