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  1. I can't recommend VirusMD's tools highly enough. Since buying some, entertainment in the village has increased tenfold.
  2. I think guard towers should be able to be push/pulled/rotated within the first minute of planting- this would allow you to place them more precisely and wouldn't open them up to any abuse.
  3. Approximately how strong are these spawns? Everyone seems to have differing reports- what kind of FS do you need to take down the non-champ ones?
  4. There already is a high enough cost to be raided... you die and the enemies get free access to your valuables and can drain your deed... Locking accomplishes nothing and is only intended as a form of griefing. It serves no purpose in game and absolutely should be disallowed.
  5. This kind of a response from a CA bothers me, why would you respond to someone genuinely concerned about vulnerabilities in Java with "learn to fend for yourself?" Hardly seems appropriate, not to mention you don't have a very good idea what you're talking about either.
  6. what happened to the roof at the bottom of the image
  7. Then people would just keep items on mule accounts, there's not a good solution.
  8. Why not just lower the amount of items they can hold? That way they can't horde too many goods and it would be comparable to a player inventory or bank- both of which are fairly impervious to raiding as is.
  9. I think there also should be something done about characteristics, so that f2p players who max a lot of their skills before going premium aren't gimped.