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  1. lunbox, flower pot, and rare smoker how much?
  2. cod 85ql 96coc shield to AnimusReborn please
  3. checker board and bear to AnimusReborn plz
  4. Hello, i own and play on a large deed, been playing for months on my own now and i think im well off alone, but it feels pretty empty due to size and not much available time to play. I am looking for players to join my deed to contribute and diversify to your liking and mine, we can discuss the details if youre interested. So far I have the basic necessities down: forge area, cooking area, and lots of storage/materials available. Also have an instant mailbox for easy trading, guard tower and walls for protection , and connection to the highway near a notable landmark - Rogue Cathedral - for easy travel
  5. Specifically looking for shield skins, bearded hatchet skin, blacksmiths hammer skin. If you got other skins for sale please dm with price ty