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  1. Having followed this for some time, I'm very excited to see the results of your efforts. I shall make every attempt to show up and atleast poke and prod at things.
  2. I thought there were alot of boats, Then I looked at the other end of the deed...
  3. Word of Warning

    Thank you all for the intest, however this is an issue that should have been, and will be resolved privately, as I described to both of you. There is no need to drag people through the dirt over a misunderstanding.
  4. June 18-19 Impalong!

    Seems we're getting started early!
  5. Message to all GMS

    Sky blue is a very nice color.
  6. Thank you. It seems that your window position file might have gotten corrupted, not sure if that's 100% the cause, but try deleting these files: [09:49:34] Loading window positions from C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\Jonathon\windows_1920x1017.txt [09:49:34] Saving window positions to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\Jonathon\windows_2402x1055.txt [09:49:31] Saving window positions to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\Jonathon\windows_1920x1001.txt Pretty much anything along those lines. Let us know if it continues.
  7. Can you please post the entire console log file in a spoiler. This will help to narrow down exactly where the problem is. Also any reproduction steps. Also, if you are unable to quit the game using the Escape > quit, Try using F12 to get the quit popup. If all that fails open console with F1 and type reallyquit.
  8. For any that are interested in testing or want to help, we have updated the Test Server Guide page with updated connection instructions for standalone and Steam clients.
  9. Since this is now coming very close to discussing methods of breaking game rules, I'm going to post some links and lock the thread.
  10. No, but when you use them to hold a key down to : It becomes a violation of the Key locking part of the anti-macro rules. Tl:Dr, I would recommend against using anything to 'jam' a key on your keyboard to send repetative actions.
  11. Hello! As a friendly reminder, 'key locking', or Mechanically holding a key is against the game Rules. Specifically the Macroing section: A ) Key locking (IE weighing down a key on your keyboard) is not permitted. I would recommend not trying to this in the future as it can result in actions being taken against your account. More information can be found in the rules link above.
  12. As a reminder, any use of any kind of automation or repeated action or multiple transmission, tools/utilities/apps, is strictly against the rules, Anyone found using these tools will be subject to penalties as outlined in the game rules. Please have a look if you forgot them, haven't read them, or feel like knowing what you're allowed to do is fun.
  13. Those are some very classy outfits! That one guy with the blue shirt and hat, I think he looks great!
  14. The page you linked was a player made guide, not something that was put forward by a member of our team. As such, they are recommendations on how to do things, similar to walk-throughs for other games.
  15. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will get it updated. As far as it being a bug, if you have a way to bypass a mechanic, then it's pretty clear it's unintended.