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  1. I hope you can get back online soon. We'll go see about your animals.
  2. The winners for this auctions are as follows, I will message you on the forums to arrange to delivery. 1. Rare Horse Statue 14QL Won by @Aleckfor 12s 2. Rare Forge, Stone 87QL Forgenumber1 Won by @Moteandbaileyfor 15s 3. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 34QL Won by @EndTimesfor 3s 4. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 58QL Won by @EndTimesfor 3s 5. Rare Small Metal Shield, Iron 87QL Won by @Arnofor 7s 6. Supreme Knife, Iron 98QL 97W 97C Won by @Arnofor 81s 7. Rare Saw, Iron 98.9QL 95W 97C Won by @Mantasfor 19s 8. Rare Large Anvil, Iron 95QL 95W Won by @BattleWallfor 40.1s 9. Caravel 67QL 51 Empty Large Crates Won by @Arnofor 26s 10. Rare Larder, Maplewood 50QL Won by @Moteandbaileyfor 15s 11. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL Won by @EndTimesfor 3s 12. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL Won by @EndTimesfor 3s 13. Rare Oven, Stone 49QL Won by @Moteandbaileyfor 12s 14. Statue of Eagle 34QL Won by @Gazmicfor 21s 15. Rare Ropetool, Oak 45QL 92C Won by @Jingerjasfor 6s Thank you again for all who participated. Winners please check your forum Inbox.
  3. Thank you everyone for the bids. We have begun checking the bids and gathering items, once that is complete we will post the list of winners and contact them to schedule delivery. We look forward to speaking with you soon.
  4. Apologies for not making this clear earlier, bids should be increased by 1s increments. The next available bids will be as follows: 5: 5s 7: 19s 8: 41s Update: With just over 2 hours left, I'd like to mention what happens after the time is up. As you notice, the thread will be locked automatically. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST AFTER THAT TIME. After the auction, we will go through and contact the winners to arrange delivery of your items. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  5. Another angle, Pottery brick allows entry but not exit when mounted. Wooden bridge on the right also allows entry but not exit when mounted. On foot and leading animals works in both directions on all bridges.
  6. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Rather then ending it before those are ready, we will correct the end date to match the timer. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. These are wonderful question. These items come from a rather extensive history of previous GM cases, where items needed to be removed from the game as a whole, for one reason or another. As for why, many of these items were obtained by questionable means, and many have some veeeery old signatures. And lastly, Delivery. All items will be delivered via GMs, who are able to travel to various servers with items in their inventory.
  8. As of last count, the current bids are this: 1. 11s 2. 4s 3. No bids yet 4. No bids yet 5. 1s 6. 40s 7. 15s 8. 20s 9. 10s 10. 2s 11. No bids yet 12. No bids yet 13. 5s 14. 10s 15. 3s
  9. Correct! It will be in addition of normal Sleep Bonus, up to a max of 10 hours. So as long as you have 5 hours or less, then you'll be all set.
  10. This tool is no longer available.
  11. Indeed, players who primarily spend their time on another cluster, Epic vs Freedom, or Defiance vs NFI, can have their spyglass transfered if it was awarded on the incorrect server.
  12. Having followed this for some time, I'm very excited to see the results of your efforts. I shall make every attempt to show up and atleast poke and prod at things.
  13. I thought there were alot of boats, Then I looked at the other end of the deed...
  14. Word of Warning

    Thank you all for the intest, however this is an issue that should have been, and will be resolved privately, as I described to both of you. There is no need to drag people through the dirt over a misunderstanding.