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  1. Info Report: *Active deeds* Smeltershideout: https://cadence.yaga.host/#649,2635 Edelweiss: https://cadence.yaga.host/#366,2664 *Towers* Ashlynne 650 https://cadence.yaga.host/#364,2730
  2. Hey my old pizza supplier! So glad to see you're still around Just wanted to pop in to say hi. Just gotta say if anyone is looking for a place to stay on Xanadu, you won't be in any better hands than Aromas
  3. Personally I think there is only 1 restriction that should be lifted for F2P players. A player must have 20.1 mind logic to command the large cart. By changing this to 20 or 19.99 I think free players pretty much still have the freedom to do most things in wurm.
  4. So can we start bombarding with info already? *Active Deeds* Zypher Cove - https://cadence.yaga.host/#439,2741 Bloodholme - https://cadence.yaga.host/#748,2856
  5. I think we're only looking at this from one side, I think quite a few of us have semi decent fight skill so we find this annoying, on the other hand I like watching newbies run around their deeds (And those who have not deeded yet) in a panic because they have no where to go when a troll or bear wanders onto their land. I had this in our very own village when a newbie joined us, and what was their solution? "Oh no a troll, I'm scared" I'm just gonna log out until someone else can deal with it!" Stuff like this kinda ticks me off, use your brain, if you cant fight something kite it to a tower or onto another deed with a templar. We were all noobs once, we all died, we all learned, and yet we are all still here! It's natural and part of the game, if you can just log out whenever you prefer to do so instead of taking a fight I feel it will remove a small amount of the learning to survive aspect of wurm.
  6. Got some special dye made from Annuile, very quick delivery on a very big order thank you very much for the great service you offer.
  7. Now this is special! About time Cadence gets the ol' opt out system
  8. [19:30:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Nordlys in less than thirty minutes.
  9. Hey wurm guys and gals and everything in between! I have been wondering about this section of the wiki for a while now and have a question. Nameable Recipes Some recipes exist that, when discovered, will be named with the first creator’s name in the title. A player can only have one recipe named after them. The recipe name will then be known as “(Player)’s (recipe name)”. So how exactly does this work? How does one get a recipe named after yourself? Do you need to plead with a town council or kingdom advisor somewhere? Do I need to tape a unicorn horn on a mule and say wololo three times? I have no idea? Please could someone guide this pleb chef?
  10. [17:47:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Wulfgar in less than thirty minutes.
  11. Hi Seriphina, sorry the Champagne was already sold via PM