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  1. What if ?

    Sneaky little click bait title eh? Well, what if Fo-ism became a legit religion to follow IRL? There's lore, there's moral value and well it will upset quite a lot of people in the world don't you think? Perfect right? All the ingredients a religion needs. From the conversion speech alone Fo sounds almighty and just. Following Fo is simple, as the altar reads: Thoughts?
  2. Bit too much for my shallow pockets but very happy to see these unique auctions from Achillis has returned
  3. I dont see the auction timer? Anyone? But in anycase 2s
  4. I fully agree with HawkHawk on this one, Instead of removing stuff from the game, add balance across the board.
  5. HAHAHAHAHA brought back so many good memories seeing those shots from UWO
  6. I find it sad that people don't enjoy waiting on PvE ... Take a break, relax, smell the white dotted flowers, admire the clouds passing by at the speed of sound, watch the bees sting a newb... and after that you should be okay to eat again.
  7. Big Grats to Nineol! Also This - Change: The “Improve an Armour Piece to 80QL” journal goal can now be completed by improving a shield to 80QL, not just body armour. The goal’s text has been changed to reflect this. Woohoo!!!
  8. If you're already in plate, I would suggest slowly over time upgrading to Seryll plate, with the marks system and chance for seryll drops from rifts, it can be done in a few months if you dont want to buy any lumps. What I've done on my new toon on NFI is save up seryll lumps, I got a platesmith to make the armor for me and after that I put some Tin rune of Vynora on them, now everytime they get imp'd theres a higher chance for them to go rare, once rare/supreme I will replace these runes with Zinc rune of Libila to reduce the weight by 10%
  9. Steam already provides this "option" if you don't want people knowing what you're up to you can select the Invisible option on your steam friends list, problem solved.
  10. I'm a Steel/seryll plate man myself, I don't care much for grinding crazy skills but I do hunt a lot, and with the addition of Runes you can reduce the weight of plate. As DoctorCheese mentioned above plate is weaker against crush attacks, outside of rifts the only two mobs you need to worry about that do crush attacks are trolls and bears and I think Anacondas. For me, compared to leather which is weaker vs slash/pierce attacks, there are a lot more mobs that do this kind of damage. All I can further add on this, in my 85QL plate with a good 2H weapon with LT I can pretty easily solo two trolls, so the crush damage negative buff is not that crazy. I've also never really had a problem at rifts other than taking frost damage but that has nothing to do with armor As you can see in my avatar to the left, I did own drake armor at one point, this was on SFI a few years ago, the armor I had was 90QL and after one hunting trip I sold it. Simply because it didn't feel as safe as my plate armor at that time. I remember struggling to tank a hell scorpius and a scorpion. Selling the drake was one of the easier decisions I had to make in wurm. My plate armor was a lot more tanky, and once you get used to inventory grouping and quickly removing and equipping armor via drag & drop the weight doesn't really make that much difference. When on deed there's no need to wear the armor so your speed is not affected, and most often when out hunting where you need armor you are either on a vehicle or a mount, so again, the movement speed doesn't matter that much.
  11. Well okay then where do you want delivery to be made? @Aleck
  12. Greetings Wurmians From the sunny shores of the western coast of Cadence, Lallybroch brings you a rare nymph statue, look at this posh lady. Willing to deliver anywhere on Cadence or any coastal area on other maps. Starting bid: 6s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 15s Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  13. But can I kill them for FS? That is the question...
  14. But you can fit a token in a horse
  15. Goblin Leader Fight

    Thanks for sharing Pnut, will try to attend