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  1. Starting bid: 60s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: Yes, 1 Gold. Buyout: 1 Gold 25 Silver Private Bids: Not accepted
  2. Did someone let Rizi near the " On / Off " switch again?
  3. What exactly does this mean ?
  4. I think it a waste of energy on the devs over other stuff needing worked on but I am guessing you only want opinions that agree to this
  5. so getting a longer name gives rewards... no the journal gives the rewards.... skills gives titles, which ya don't lose .... tome titles have always been the same and not everyone gets them... if anything I think its a deterent over a bonus because some players won't see the long names as an encouragement. the Devs are adding content like Goblin Camps to encorage players to lvl up skills. again I personally don't see a use to longer names but this is just my opinion
  6. Just curious but where does this benifit the game at all over just showing off more titles. I think there are probably bigger issues in game that could be looked at vs this. so my vote would be -1
  7. Would a building surrounding it be sufficient as all ground is level ?
  8. We are looking for idea's on a new arena design at the future " Zum-A-Long " size can be from 10 x 10 to 15 x 15 if this all goes as planned, we will host the first one in 2023 at Oceana on Celebration H / I 19 - 21. we plan on having a Horse track on deed.... maybe a few ideas from other Impalongs included.... so if ya have Arena designs you would like to have us look at feel free to post 'em below.... I will choose a winner and a Random prize will be given ( prize unknown as of yet ) any suggestions on stuff to be hosted as well would be apriciated The Spoilers are what people have suggested or doing.
  9. Even if we couldn't use our currency there and Just teleport would be nice
  10. There has been alot of discussion about weather or not NFI and SFI servers should be connected. there are some players that feel strong on the verdict either way and creates alot of heated arguements by times. ppl are worried about crashing the markets, while others worry about being overwhelmed with the changes. I do have a suggestion to make and its quite simple actually.... Why not make a NFI ? SFI Portal similar to the original " Epic Portal " . Anyone may use it to choose a steam server to teleport to and start with no skills as was originated for " Epic ". This would prevent any high skilled player from taking advantage of new players but we could still visit our friends or start a new. we would still have access to all our money between servers as " Epic " allows but can't take anything back and fourth as set in the original Portal system allows. we could visit our friends as ourselves and not need to make a new Alt causing ppl not to know us . Please let the Devs know what ya think of this idea.