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  1. Sermon Group

    [02:12:21] Faith increased by 0,1718 to 100,0000 Nice sermon group. Well organized. No drama. Thanks for letting me be part of it. Recommended!
  2. hello, pls COD the 5 pet bat frags to Emmett.
  3. Thanks to all participants and congrats to the winner Sacredmemories! I will try to contact you ingame asap. You may also ping Emmett or Ayala, when you're online.
  4. Less than 1 hour to go. I might be not online, when the auction ends. The winner please leave his/her IGN, so i can contact him/her later to arrange pickup.
  5. Λ Λ Twin Pines Mall ™ is auctioning this immortal 4-speed horse: Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 50 c Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted Winner has to pick up the horse on Harmony at deed Hill Valley (https://harmony.yaga.host/#2194,2630). Happy bidding!
  6. Close to 200 people came to the hard rock party. Thanks to the organizers of this public event!
  7. Thanks from Ayala and Emmett to the organizers and summoners. We were not close enough for picturing the hatchling, but from the forest giant we could freeze some moments...
  8. Time for a push. I want to use the opportunity to emphasize some points of the recent progress from Ayala, Emmett and Bifff (the newest member of the Twin Pines Mall family). I have aquired the area of the former deed "Darkshroud Docks" directly south from Harmony Bay and founded the deed "Twin Pines Mall" there. The plan is to make it a market place later. Just it will need time to develop. Right now i am still busy with optimizing "Hill Valley" and "Lyon Estates". As an interim solution I have placed a couple of merchants directly in Harmony Bay next to the entrance of the public mine (stocked mostly with blank Carpentry, Blacksmithing and Tailoring items between QL 50 and 80). More to come in the near future. For on-site services both, Ayala and Emmett, can be summoned now to save travel expenses, as both will be able to recall home once a day due to their path level 12 ability. Hill Valley now has a running animal farm with 4-draft horses, donkeys and mules, 4 speed horses and output animals (sheeps, cattles, bison and pigs). Just no self serve yet, but I am online daily. All animals have maxed out dominant traits (draft, speed or output) and misc. traits as secondary. Just for pigs it seems to be difficult to max out the output traits, so there it is vice versa (maxed out misc. and output as secondary).
  9. I just dont mind about the breeding timers at all anymore. As both cases you mentioned are displayed wrong. Usually you can breed again animals that just gave birth after about 1 day. Thats far from "now" and also far from "334 hours". I put animals which just gave birth into a transfer pen. So i dont mix them with breedable animals. The next day I move them into the regular pens for breedable animals.
  10. Does removing a rift wave has an effect on reaching the phenomenal status for not so advanced fighters? And does that affect the rewards in your inventory at the rift end in some way?
  11. Bug with Yoyo

    A sailing boat it was. And it was while sailing with full speed.
  12. Bug with Yoyo

    When playing with a Yoyo while traveling in a boat, you only get skill ticks while you command the boat. When you are a passenger, you strangely still get skill ticks for the parent skill Toys, and even the Yoyo is flashing green frequently in the skill list window, but no Yoyo ticks in the skill logs (skill tab updates set to "always"). Tested with 2 toons. Swapping positions between commander and passenger, reproduces the same behavior: no Yoyo ticks for the passenger, but for the commander while Toy ticks for both.