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  1. Bug with Yoyo

    A sailing boat it was. And it was while sailing with full speed.
  2. Bug with Yoyo

    When playing with a Yoyo while traveling in a boat, you only get skill ticks while you command the boat. When you are a passenger, you strangely still get skill ticks for the parent skill Toys, and even the Yoyo is flashing green frequently in the skill list window, but no Yoyo ticks in the skill logs (skill tab updates set to "always"). Tested with 2 toons. Swapping positions between commander and passenger, reproduces the same behavior: no Yoyo ticks for the passenger, but for the commander while Toy ticks for both.
  3. [22:03:55] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Trashtoo in less than ten minutes. (2 min)
  4. Thanks all for bidding and congrats Trash! To what IGN shall I send the rug?
  5. Λ Λ Twin Pines Mall ™ is auctioning this exquisite almost flying carpet: This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a string of cloth. Ql: 80.01776, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  6. can close

    COD the remaining ones to me pls, ty
  7. Oak Hill Ranch is always looking for new slav... erm villagers. It's a huge deed near Harmony Bay and capital village of an active alliance. You should contact mayor Lyndee or deputy Mumin, if interested to join.
  8. can close

    Please COD ql90 shields coc94 and coc93 to Emmett. Thank you.
  9. You will also get the "seem to be related" warning, if the breedlings share at least one of the same grandparents. Happens to me all the time. Grandparents can only be tracked, if the parents are still alive and you can examine the parents or if you made personal notes. You cant find out about the grandparents just by examining the breedlings alone. But even if you get a warning triggered by shared grandparents, you can go on breeding, because the offsprings will not get any bad traits from that.
  10. I somehow remembered that there was a discussion about it before (not in this thread). That's why I was thinking that "opt in" was the prefered way. But it seems that you're right. So just forget about what I said before. Personally I still think "opt in" should be the way to go, but I dont want to start a discussion about it, if the majority thinks the other way around.
  11. @LovelieAdding a deed to the community map is a voluntary decision of the mayor. Therefore to report deeds to be added, you should be mayor of the deed or have permissions from the mayor to report it here.
  12. This is the promised transcript of the existing highways verified by me during the last couple of days. It consists of all highways, canals and tunnels in the grid fields of M16, N16, N17, O16, O17 and some connections to their neighbor fields. For every line I made a short comment, to make sure the right part of the highway is addressed in case of typos with the numbers. Most roads used for the highways are visible on the recent map dump. If there is a new part of highway road, built after the map dump, I noted it in the commentary. A few parts of the highways I simplified, like skipping small unimportant curves or short connections from highways to certain deeds. All old highways/tunnels/canals on the map in the mentioned grid fields should be removed before applying the new information. O16/O17 canals #1886,2765 to #1980,2765 (Silverfish Canal, western part, O16) #2033,2784 to #2084,2784 (Silverfish Canal, eastern part, O17) O16 highways #1957,2798 to #1957,2646 (from "Garnet Coast" to "Azath") #1957,2735 to #1923,2735 (junction westward to "Harmonica") #1923,2735 to #1923,2843 (southward to an anonymous deed, new road not on map yet) #1957,2740 to #2003,2740 (junction eastward to "Nowhere") #2003,2733 to #2003,2764 (southward to an anonymous deed) #2003,2733 to #2062,2733 (eastward to "Nowhere", entering O17) O17 highways #2048,2734 to #2048,2610 (from "Nowhere" northward, entering N17) #2048,2646 to #1957,2646 (junction westward to "Azath", entering O16) #2100,2610 to #2218,2620 ("Mumindalen" eastward to "Harmony Unified Marina", passing "Lyon Estates" and "Hill Valley") #2194,2620 to #2194,2558 (junction from "Hill Valley" northward, entering N17, partly new road and bridge over OHR canal) #1957,2797 to #1973,2838 (southeast, crossing "Garnet Coast", entering P16 N17 canal #2204,2596 to #2123,2596 (surface canal to "Oak Hill Ranch") N17 highways #2194,2558 to #2187,2551 (short northwestward) #2187,2551 to #2187,2319 (northward to "Independent", entering M17) #2020,2610 to #2100,2610 (southern border of "Oak Hill Ranch") #2069,2610 to #2069,2499 (junction northward into "Oak Hill Ranch") #2069,2499 to #2076,2493 (short northeastward) #2076,2493 to #2076,2459 (northward to junction) #2100,2610 to #2100,2620 (southward N17 to O17) #2020,2535 to #2107,2534 (junction eastward into "Oak Hill Ranch") #2107,2534 to #2107,2512 (short northward) #2107,2512 to #2302,2512 ("Oak Hill Ranch" eastward to Harmony Bay, entering N18) #2020,2610 to #2020,2459 (western border of "Oak Hill Ranch") #2020,2459 to #2340,2459 (eastward to Harmony Bay, entering N18) N16 highways #2020,2587 to #1882,2587 (westward to the beach) #1882,2587 to #1882,2554 (northward along the beach) #1882,2554 to #1890,2546 (short northeastward) #1890,2546 to #1890,2536 (short northward along the beach, anonymous deed) #1950,2467 to #2008,2467 (eastward, passing "Vindobona") #2008,2467 to #2020,2458 (short northeastward, entering N17) #1950,2467 to #1950,2446 (northward) #1950,2446 to #1888,2446 (westward to the beach) #1888,2446 to #1888,2392 (northward to junction, passing west end of boat/pedestrian tunnel) N16 tunnels #1881,2409 to #1997,2409 (boat/pedestrian tunnel) #1913,2392 to #1977,2392 (highway tunnel) M16 highways #1913,2392 to #1742,2392 (from highway tunnel westward, passing "Vanguard", entering M15) #1977,2392 to #2036,2392 (from highway tunnel eastward) #2036,2392 to #2045,2401 (short southeastward) #2045,2401 to #2045,2489 (southward, passing "Zum Steinofen", entering "Oak Hill Ranch and N17)
  13. Can't say it any better. Ordered coc80 and got coc102 back for 80ish price after a blink of an eye!
  14. Added Merchant info. (Please note that the initial posting is constantly updated - almost daily - without bumping the thread every time.)