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  1. That’s good to hear. I did try using another map generator and it just crashed when I tried to start up the server. Ended up just using the creative map. I’d like to try my hand at making my own mods. Been coding for years but not much Java. Not that I’ve ever made a mod for anything. It sounds like fun to learn though.
  2. The tools on here, API, Map Generators, Mods. Do they still work with the current release of Wurm Unlimited? If you mean the second statement. As far as I know Code Club (I think that's the Developer) never released a map generator, API, Documentations or anything at all to help modders. If I'm wrong about this please let me know.
  3. Just started getting back into the game and was wondering, based on how old these posts are, if anything in here actually still works? Really wish the devs would make some tools for wurm unlimited.
  4. I've been playing my latest character for a bit now and I've ran into a slight road bump. I found a nice place to build, I've built a house and flattened some land for crops. I've tunneled out a mine to iron and created better tools. Now I feel I've sort of hit a block in the game. I log in and farm all my crops to skill up farming (I have all the important crops from foraging/botanizing, cotton, wemp, various veggies, etc.). Then I expand my tunnels to get my mining up for higher quality ore for improving tools. And... That's about it. I really don't want a huge property so I just have my hunting/fishing cabin on the shoreline. I've been fishing (personally I like the old, simple way of fishing) and I would like to do some hunting and this is where I'm stuck. The only thing that is within a reasonable distance from me is spiders and scorpions which can easily kill me. I'm tunneling out my mine in hopes of getting bugs to spawn in there that I can skill up on. So far no luck. So to the actual idea. It would be nice to be able to craft animal lures, Maybe a pile of meat/fish or something you can pace in the forest that will lure lower level animals into the area (rats, wolves, etc.). Maybe could even make chum for fishing. I feel I'm reaching an even worse point of my starter pelt wearing out and nothing within a reasonable distance to replace it. I haven't been able to finish making a bed yet either because I can't find animals that I have a chance of getting fur from. Unless there is spider fur that I'm not aware of. So, no sleep bonus for me.