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  1. Hi, please add Nuvos One: 568,-5476 Thank You
  2. All done pls close
  3. Hi, I'm located on Xanadu, right in the middle of O8.Here is a link to image with precise location, ill try to include it also in this post:!AuKHqcgrPgHFgZw-8IqcYwtWsywXeA Want to buy Courier enchant for my mailbox that i just finished. Interested in level 90 at least. How much, and when? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, I'm running 3200x1800 on my laptop and with that obviously had to increase text sizes across the board. So far everything (that I noticed) is ok and scales as suppose to, with exception of crafting window. Whole window, all text is very small - im guessing original size that is by default. If needed i can slap some screenshots, let me know. Thanks
  5. found seller - all done thanks - please close thread
  6. Hi, I want to buy dirt, 2-3K with delivery. I'm on Celebration (11, O), looking at in game map. Let me know, Thanks,
  7. deal done please close the post Thanks
  8. well that's cool, when can you deliver ?
  9. 4s for 2k dirt, sry man, that's too expensive in my taste. Thanks for posting though
  10. Hi, wtb 2-3K dirt and I need it to be delivered. Celebration x12 y35 right next to Lemosa Docks. I have waterfront access with 3 bsb's ready to be filled up. Post qty and price with delivery included pls. Thanks a lot,
  11. Thanks a lot for feedback guys. I'll explore a lil bit over there
  12. Hi, I'm playing Wurm for around 1,5 years now and I have a cozy small deed on Celebration. Recently I started looking at Independence server and I'm more and more leaning towards packing my toys and moving there. Created an alt and set it on Indie to look for some good spot. Any1 know of any good coastline empty spots that I could settle in? I heard that there is a lot of open space/ruins as players left Indie and so on, but at the same time I dont want to land in a completely deserted area. Any pointers would he highly appreciated, Thanks,
  13. Thanks a lot for info Much appreciated