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  1. Agree to a point, this is why retaining the people that love it with a passion is key.
  2. We are all here playing this game for different reasons, and with different hopes of what Wurm online can provide. For over a decade now, Those of us seeking fun and excitement from pvp have been continually let down and/or ignored. Leaving all 3 pvp servers stale and desolate. While I know the PvE base is larger, would be great to see any changes that tell us pvpers, that Devs care. There has been a laundry list of suggestions that have been pushed to the back shelf or completely disregarded. But here are some things to consider of why we are where we are with Wurm PvP. * Server sizes- Servers are always made huge for the initial surge of wurm pvpers that flood in, just to leave and have 15 people online on a friday evening. Thats about .00089 people per 1k tiles. Hard to find the little action wurm pvp has with those odds. Try again and this time , smaller server. We know it will be 20 people online after a few months if you dont change alot of other stuff. * Boat speeds- Wurm servers have the average wind of my living room with the windows closed. Horses can travel around 45 kmh with rarity and gear. 5 people on a sail boat can max out around 29, but usually around 15 based on the continuous light breeze we have. Boats need Buffed/ or improve the average wind speed. Noone benefits from a light breeze 80% of the time. * Loot drops from Hota and Depot- I currently have 760 horse shoes and 200 sadlles. Why you ask? Becuase the depot has been giving them out and only them out since server start. No variation and no real excitement to push people towards the depots. Add variations to hota and depot loot. Kingdoms- Currently no PMKs on defiance, for the reason it is too much work for the game to take on..... Ok well then fix the dang crown system to something not 12 years old and extremely broken and unuseful. Currently you either play with one of the three kings or suffer the disadvantages. Noone should rule a kingdom in a game permanently and have the ability to quit, leaving one of the three force fed teams completely disabled. Fix The challenge system or add pmks. *Locate Soul- We went from locating across the map to create pvp encounters, to now locate covering local+... Find a medium that allows us to find each other outside of local, if they are in local I have a good idea where they are already? Change locate soul Remove rare horses or add back riding hell horses- This is just obvious Make playing pvp server a bonus- As everyone knows, even the pvpers play 80% on pve side because there is no benefit to being on pvp. Add Meditation or some reason to not have to portal to pve and play there everyday. Remove Portals of laziness- Lets get rid of these WU portals that encourage noone to stay on pvp. Make traveling to and from fun and dangerous. Pirating no longer exists. Remove Portals Lack of changes- Do something, anything to show the pvp community there is someone, anyone that cares about us. Makes some changes Have never used this forum so excuse me if I broke some rules. But change is needed for the small, desperate pvp folks. The few that remain..