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  1. Congrats Sylrona on a great buy!!!! Message me in game and we'll coordinate picking up these 2 speedsters.
  2. Hello again. Ponderosa 5 speed Stables is happy to provide a first of its kind auction offer. This auction is for a pair of breedable 5 speed new foals. Whether you are a breeder looking to add this trait to your herd, a treasure hunter wanting to cross the map quicker or just wanting to take a ride with your buddy without having to slow down and wait with only one five speed, this is an auction that will not come around too often. Winning bid picks up at Ponderosa. https://imgur.com/a/sojDRJM Starting bid: 1 G Increment Increase: 5s Reserve/Private Bids: No Buyout: 3 G Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  3. Hello Dargol Can I get both of your meditation rugs and also the trowel with 94 Coc? Thanks in advance. Always appreciate your great service. Have a Merry Christmas!!
  4. Thanks to everyone that made it. And great pics, thanks for sharing!!!!!
  5. The alliance Allies of Us is happy to provide a public slaying to our Wurm community. Thanks to Batraz for finding the Troll King and congrats to Tasiel, myself and Batraz for chasing, which is more like being chased, to capture the critter. He did not get trapped easily I can assure you. The date of the slaying will be on Thursday, Dec 8 at 12:00 CST. The location is very easy to find on the highway at Troll King's Rest, this is in the mideast of Cadence at J20. It's on a prior deed so there is plenty of room to set up any markets or fences. The one caveat is that we are by no means a formal hunting group, so no guarantees there will not be a glitch or two with the event. Everyone is invited to this community event to enjoy. Added info: This mine was an established mine, it goes down pretty far and is narrow, so depending on where the troll king is just be prepared to not be able to move around very quickly, there are lots of inclines. If you have a tent it's best to set it up. No horses or carts inside of fence. Everyone on foot. Please do not enter the gate area until the cave is opened, then come quick he will be a tough bugger. Although perms are set up to only allow pick up of items for alliance members, if the troll escapes and is killed outside of deed, please do not pickup the corpse allow an alliance member to take it. Thanks to everyone who has come to enjoy and we'll hope it all goes smoothly.
  6. Congrats, Dargol. Please message me in game to coordinate pick up. Thanks
  7. Although it's possible to get any rare trait random, that is how I got the first one to start. I have since only gotten this rare trait from breeding with other horses with the unbelievably fast trait.