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  1. Ok, I'll concede that I mustn't understand. How will the disbanded deeds be removed systematically? And since the vast majority, of the limited maps I've completed, refer to fallen deeds I'm not sure how it helps the treasure hunt. Having said that, I understand that the concept of having a map is to be able to find existing deeds (if they want to be found), that are tied to the highway system. I'm fine with it either way....though, my preference would be to 'request' to have your deed added.
  2. If they are removed I don't see how it makes it easier for treasure hunting, (I believe this is the main reason for suggesting the change to how it's done). So it sounds like it has to be an all or nothing map, which in my opinion would be far too cluttered. Again, I'm only stating my opinion....I will survive either way
  3. I'm just referring to the clutter of having 3 or 4 deed names in 1 location
  4. I'm just referring to the clutter of having 3 or 4 deed names in 1 location.
  5. I posted "No" because the OP asked us to post "Yes" or "No", I guess I color within the lines too much. But since we are now discussing, you are missing a very important reason, "I don't want to make it easier for Raiders to find fallen deeds"...... then there is the issue of name removal, how do deed names get removed after they fall, obviously if the upkeep isn't paid the player isn't active to request a removal. What happens when someone builds over an old deed? the map would be filled with a bunch of deed names making it impossible to read in some areas and SUPER easy to complete treasure maps. (to me, Easy is not the spirit of this game).
  6. Hi there, I have only completed 2 Challenging Maps so far but in both cases the 2nd and 4th clues were at the same location. Is this by design?
  7. You are almost dead! Thank you for sharing!
  8. This item cannot be mailed. I will contact you in game make arrangements. Congratulations!
  9. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted/not accepted
  10. I'm not a priest, so I can't chime on on goals/rewards, but I do think having additional journal trees for priests can only be a good thing. That said, as I understand it, priests can become champions...perhaps even that can be turned into a journal tree (with a list of goals which will guide you there). Great suggestion!